OCRWC Hangover

Yeah, I know we're all just a little nuts right about now, the Spartan Race WC, Warrior Dash WC, and OCR World Championships have already passed, and World's Toughest Mudder is still more than a couple weeks out followed by BattleFrog Series' own WC in December – not to mention Black Friday, winter holidays, and New Year's*.

I, for one, am struggling with Post-OCRWC-Partyum depression. Seriously, I'm not making light of  those that suffer from acute depression, I spent most of the past 10 days cranky and self-absorbed, and wanted to sleep all day. It may have been the 12+ hour days building an awesome course with my best friends, or the 32 hour trip cross country w/Jerry from Terrain… either way, I was a mess for the last week or so. I was a headache and a Mike Tyson face tattoo away from it being a serious hangover. One thing that cheered me up was all the photos athletes from all over the world have shared from the event, and this video (thanks to Steven at OCR Warrior!).

Let's Make it Fun to be Totally Wrong

There's been a bunch ‘o speculation about where the 2016 OCR World Championships will be held, so why not make a contest out of it? If you're right, you get the chance to win some sweet swag. If you're wrong, shame on you. Heck, we may not have even put the correct answer in the contest and you need to decide for yourself.

Speaking of contest & prizes – here it is:

Click Here to Pick a 2016 OCR World Championships location, one winner will be chosen from correct entries for this OCRWC/Icebug Prize Pack:



Speaking of Next Year…

Registration for the 2016 OCR World Championships is OPEN, and you have nearly 10 months to qualify. If your age group sells out and you miss your opportunity, don't say we didn't warn you.
*It's NEVER too early to make a New Year's resolution, register for a Spartan Race w/code MUDRUNGUIDE15 for 15% Off, WD2016MRG for $5 Off Warrior Dash, or Dirty Girl w/$10 Off their lowest prices now before they GO UP! (Hundreds of other OCR Discounts right here too!)

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