Spartan Race World Championships were held this past year at Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe, California. Following the event, much speculation buzzed around the community as to where the event would be held in 2016. Joe De Sena himself was vocal the weekend of the World Championships questioning the future location for his companies World Championship.

This morning Mud Run Guide uncovered the public North Lake Tahoe Resort Association Board of Directors Agenda and Meeting Notes from the session on Wednesday, November 4, 2015, at the Tahoe City Public Utility District. In the public meeting notes from the session JT Thompson stated, as indicated in the marketing staff report,  that Spartan Race would be headed back to Squaw Valley in 2016.

Here is what we know so far:


From Recent NLTRA Meeting Notes


Spartan Race has yet to announce the official date or location of the 2016 World Championships. Their website shows no events currently scheduled for Squaw Valley in 2016.  This report Mud Run Guide uncovered, does not confirm all the proper permits have been acquired for a second year at the resort, only that the head of marketing assured the board the race would be back in Squaw Valley. Based on this report, we can expect to see Tahoe in 2016.

Rumors have also swirled that changes will be made to the qualification structure for the Spartan Race World Championships in 2016. As we know more about this developing story, we will post updates to this article. For now it looks like the top athletes in the sport will be searching out another year of elevation training.




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