OCR is about competition with others, with yourself, and against the clock. We battle Father Time as we age, Mother Nature out on the course, and at the end of the day we are all FAMILY.

From the Mud Run Guide family to yours, thank you so much for bringing your joy and passion to the sport we all love. Obstacle course racing and mud runs have changed so many of your lives, and has absolutely transformed ours as well.

We live, eat, sleep the Sport of OCR just like you.

We train our bodies to give the best on the course, we educate our mind on the right strategies for conquering all the challenges in our lives.

At the core we're all the same in & out of the mud – passion, fun, and friendship drives us all.

THANK YOU for being such a huge part of our lives, and we look forward to continuing our relationships with you, develop new ones with all the people you bring into the sport*, and grow this big crazy OCR Family for years to come.

From everyone here at Mud Run Guide & Mud and Adventure to you – HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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* The EASIEST way to get YOUR family involved in the sport is right here: OCR101. FAQ's, tons of info about training, how to pick the right first event, mental preparation (you can dooo it!), finding the right gear without breaking the bank… pretty much everything except running the race for them!

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