Many in OCR are often claimed that the finishes are not very exciting and often times minutes separate athletes. However, over the past weekend, BattleFrog Series disproved the notion with a photo-finish for second place between Ian Hosek and Glenn Racz.

The Race

The runners traded leads throughout the course and were battling neck and neck through the final lap of the course.  Towards the final stretch, Hosek opened a small lead at the Delta ladder with a strong climb and quick moves down.  Undeterred, Racz sprinted to the Tip of the Spear, completing the obstacle first and picking up a few paces on Hosek as they barreled toward the finish.  Racz had the race all but locked up heading towards the finish, and elected to skirt the right side of the last bit of mud and standing water standing in his way. Hosek saw an opening and risked everything by jumping straight into the standing water, regaining crucial lost steps.  With a fierce will to win, Hosek made a flawless exit and a split-second lunge by Hosek made the difference.  He edged out Racz by less than a nose at the finish line. Their race was so close that neither the Battlers or the course officials could visually identify the winner! 


BattleFrog Battle For the Podium

The outcome was definitively decided by digital timing, verified by third party timing experts, Chosen USA.  Both laps of the exciting heat were captured in beautiful high definition video by BattleFrog’s video partner iRewind.  As part of its unique partnership with iRewind, every BattleFrog participant receives a free, fully edited highlight video of their BattleFrog experience that they can share with friends on social media.  This is just one of the many ways BattleFrog is investing in technology to revolutionize the sport of OCR.

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