Spartan Race recently announced the new Trifecta Delta. On the heels of that announcement is the revamping of the Spartan Race Hurricane Heats as well as the Agoge for 2016. Learn more about the new and revamped Spartan Race offerings for 2016. 

Spartan Race announced the introduction of its most challenging event yet, the Agoge and the 2016 schedule for its arsenal of revamped endurance events:  The ‘Agoge’ and ‘Hurricane’ Heats aim to take racers to the brink of their physical and mental capabilities and teach valuable lessons as part of the journey.

“The ancient Spartans lived their lives in the daily pursuit of physical, mental, and spiritual perfection,” stated Spartan Race founder Joe De Sena.  “And the people who compete in our races are nothing short of modern Spartans.  We are excited to reward them with the Agoge and Hurricane Heat events – the ultimate physical and mental challenges available on the planet that also provides a payoff in personal development unlike any other experience.”


The Agoge:  Spartan’s Tip of the Spear Challenge

 The Agoge is the pinnacle event in the Spartan Race event series.  In the 7th century BC, Spartans wanted to produce the strongest and most mentally tough citizens on earth. To do this, they created the Agoge, which Spartan Race is now emulating in its pursuit of creating the most challenging mental and physical event yet.  Participants will commit to a 60-hour Agoge at registration, with an option to complete their training at 24 and 48-hour marks.

Those that endure the 24 hours will have completed the “Agoge 24,” and those who complete 48 hours will be credited with the “Agoge 48.” Spartans who complete the Spartan Agoge in its entirety will achieve the “Agoge 60.”  Entrance into the Agoge is designed for those who have overcome major obstacles, achieved self-mastery, and embody the Spartan Code.

Typically, participants will have already completed some, if not all, of the following, a Trifecta, Hurricane Heat, 12 Hour Hurricane Heat, and Ultra Beast. The Spartan Agoge will be held in Pittsfield, Vermont, on the “farm,” twice a year, once in summer and once in winter, with special sessions for U.S.  military units.

2016 Agoge Schedule:

2/12/2016: Pittsfield, VT

6/17/2016: Pittsfield, VT

Spartan Race Hurricane Heat and Hurricane Heat 12 Hour: The Warrior’s Ethos

The Hurricane Heat or HH is a team-based event designed to push racers to greater personal distances, participants quickly learn the value of accomplishing mutual objectives through collaboration. The foundation of the HH is based on the military code known as “The Warrior’s Ethos,” comprising four main principles with centuries of meaning behind them.

This ethos serves to provide a spark to warm you on the coldest of mornings and guide you on darkest of nights as a critical step towards the Spartan Pinnacle — the Agoge. Successful finishers earn an HH dog tag, a finisher t-shirt, entry into a closed networking group, and the accomplishment derived only from becoming a Hurricane Heater.

 The Hurricane Heat 12 Hour, or HH12HR, is Spartan’s next level standalone event that pushes participants beyond their limits for 12 hours, building upon the tenets of teamwork and resiliency that are tested in the Hurricane Heat. It was developed to forge the next level of Spartan and as the precursor to the Spartan Agoge. Finishers will receive a unique HH12HR T-shirt, as well as a one-of-a-kind HH12HR Finishers Patch.


2016 Hurricane Heat Schedule

DATE                                                     LOCATION                                                           WHEN

January 30, 2016,                               Temecula, CA                                                    Saturday Night

February 26, 2016,                            Fort McDowell, AZ                                           Friday Night

March 5, 2016,                                    Conyers, GA                                                       Saturday Night

March 11, 2016,                                  Hempstead, TX                                                 Friday Night

March 18, 2016,                                  Las Vegas, NV                                                    Friday Night

May 7, 2016,                                        Bigfork, MT                                                         Friday Night

May 14, 2016,                                      Fort Carson Army Base                                  Saturday Night


HH 12 HR Schedule

DATE                                                     LOCATION                                                           WHEN

January 31, 2016,                               Temecula, CA                                                    Saturday Morning

March 18, 2016,                                  Las Vegas, NV                                                    Friday Night


Training: Preparing for the Challenge

 Those who wish to participate in either Agoge or Hurricane Heat challenges are encouraged to complete rigorous training beforehand.  Spartan Race has developed unique training programs for both the body and the mind to prepare participants for the challenge of each race.

Spartan SGX – The official training and certification program of Spartan Race, which certifies top trainers to offer official Spartan Race training classes at their boxes, gyms, studios, or private practices. 

Spartan X – An online education course designed to develop mental toughness, resilience, and grit. This course is for any person who wants to improve their life and performance through Spartan principles.


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