The Agoge 001 past of the Spartan Race Endurance series is currently taking place in and around Pittsfield, Vermont. Over thirty participants from around the world have gathered to test themselves physically and mentally. Agoge lasts over 48-hours and not only tests participants but teaches them the skills they need to succeed as the program progresses. Unlike its former sister race Death Race, the goal is for all participants to succeed and make it to the end of the weekend.


Agoge 001 Morning Update

This morning we got an update from Tony Matesi, Director of Endurance at Spartan Race, about what the participants have been doing since we last spoke. Since the land navigation class yesterday the participants were in teams last night and had to build fires, shelters, and survive out in the sub-zero temperatures for the evening. A couple participants were dropped during the evening due to early onset of frostbite. The remaining racers succeeded at various levels staying warm last night.

This morning the group was split into two with half saying in Pittsfield in the Brown Barn, where they will stand at attention and test their mental fortitude. The other group was bused to a neighboring town where they must complete a challenge course consisting of canoe carry, land navigation, and a rope repel down a cliff. Catch the full update from Spartan Race's Tony Matesi below.



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