The 2016 Winter Spartan Race Agoge 001 is complete. Of the thirty-three participants that began the challenge twenty-eight finished. Agoge is an extreme endurance challenge focused on conquering real world survival skills while focusing on several of the SpartanX pillars. This edition of the event focused on True North and Commitment among participants.

Athletes learned survival skills including winter shelter making, fire starting, navigation and additional essential survival skills to help them survival for over 48-hours in below freezing temperatures in and around Pittsfield, Vermont. The Agoge is part endurance event and also an educational event as well. During the 48-hours, several classes and skills were taught to participants in which they would have to put into practice later in the event.

Agoge 001 Wrap-up

Tune in below and hear how to prepare for an Agoge and how it fits into the new Spartan Delta series from Spartan Race Director of Endurance Tony Matesi. Find out more about Agoge 001 in our previous videos from the weekend.



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