Miami, Florida. March 4, 2016. 5 PM. OCRX is officially born as a sport.
It all starts with Coach Pain's motivational kickoff speech, followed by 24 hours of more pain: 2 Platinum Rigs, jerry cans, a beach run, walls, Wreck Bags…over and over until 5 PM on Saturday.

Welcome to OCRX

BattleFrog Series took on the monumental task of hosting a 24 hour “OCRX” endurance obstacle race; a space that was owned by Tough Mudder with World's Toughest Mudder in the USA and Toughest 24 Hour Extreme's team-version held in Solvalla, Stockholm. After rave reviews from competitors, spectators, pit crew, and staff (our own Margaret Schlachter was on-site for 24 hours of live coverage), it appears WTM has a very viable early-season counterpart. Expect much more soon as we delve into OCRX as a viable addition to the sport of OCR.

Ryan Atkins, 3-time WTM winner (2013 & 2014 Individual Champion, 2015 Team Champion) designed the course and race directed the event, while he quickly acknowledged it was only possible through a dedicated team effort. Full reviews are coming, for now let's check out OCRTube's 7-minute recap from our friend Arnel Banawa:

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