Adam Kimble continues his march east in his run across America, nearly 800 miles in and 1/3 of his 2400-mile journey! Below are updates from the past 4 days since crossing the New Mexico border – CA and AZ are in the rear view mirror!

Day 18, March 3

Miles Today: 43
Miles Run So Far: 671
Miles to Go: 1720

Day 18’s first mile was in New Mexico! Woo! A brand new state for Adam’s cross country journey. After the first four miles, Adam took a warm break in the RV for an interview with the morning show You & Me Chicago and was introduced with a clip of Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump. Now, it’s “Run, Adam, Run!” Friend Ray continued to run and walk alongside Adam for great company throughout the 43 miles today in the lonely and abandoned areas along the Old West Highway. 671 miles completed so far. Onto Day 19!

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Day-20-smDay 19, March 4

Miles Today: 46
Miles Run So Far: 714
Miles to Go: 1677

Adam is still in a lot of pain and extremely exhausted. His leg pain from his IT bands are waking him up at night, so he isn’t getting restful sleep. Also, he finishes his miles at different times each day, so his sleep schedule is inconsistent. One night he’ll get five hours in bed, another seven hours. His body is still in recovery mode, so in order to get his sleep schedule consistent and for Adam to have something to look forward to (this is the main thing his body craves), Adam and the team have decided to have his schedule be consistent for the next five days of only walking and running from 4 am to 6:30 pm. This will allow him to have dinner, take a shower, and recover to be in bed by 7:30 pm and give him the opportunity for 7.5 hours of sleep to wake up at 3 am the next morning. Adam isn’t in control of much these days. The pain is never ending, the terrain is always changing. This allows him control over his rest. We will see how this change in schedule helps his body. Even through all the pain, he still pushed on covering 46 miles today. Onto Day 20!

Day-19-smDay 20, March 5

Miles Today: 39
Miles Run So Far: 760
Miles to Go: 1638

To work toward relief in Adam’s IT bands, crew mate, Josh, put on some tape. To do this, Adam took his legs to the next level and shaved both this time (not just the calves like last time for his shin pain)! Now, his legs are lookin' smooth and tan! He's feeling aerodynamic now. Watch out world: He may never go back to hairy legs!

A highlight for the day: The crew grew by two! Great friends Dan and Nichole flew in from Chicago and completely lifted Adam’s spirits. They pumped up the crew, too! Hacky sack and rock bottle became quite competitive while the crew waited for Adam to arrive at each pit stop. The couple also provided hot showers for the team and a pool for Adam to relax and work out in at night. Trail angels!

Another 39 miles down today with 760 miles total traveled. We have another 1,638 to go. Pumped for Day 21.

Day-18-smDay 21, March 6

Miles Today: 46
Miles Run So Far: 796
Miles to Go: 1592

Today was another frustrating day for Adam. He’s ready for a day with no pain, and that day hasn’t come yet. The pain in his IT bands ranged from a 6 out of 10 to a 9 out of 10 all day. However, Adam had a lot of company on his miles to keep him talking and distracted from solely focusing on the pain. Dan, Nichole, Adam and Karen all traveled with Adam at different times throughout the day. The crew decreased by three again as Ray, Dan and Nichole all headed home. Looking forward to seeing them again at different parts of the cross-country journey. New Mexico’s Organ Mountains got closer and closer all day as Adam traveled 46 miles. The view was amazing. Day 22 is a climb as the route heads into the mountain range.

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