Now that you have adopted your spandex shorts (read part 1 here) and are feeling race ready you take a look in the mirror, but something does not seem right.  You do not look like those elite racers lining up on the starting line from last weekend, so what gives?  It is not that something is missing, it is that you still have something…body hair.

Now that you look like a Wookie in tights with your brand new spandex, you may be thinking “Do I need to shave my body?”  Let me help you out with this guide and some useful questions and answers.


Is appearance more important than what your friends think of you?

Lucas Pfannenstiel keeping his arms silky smooth for his next OCR.

Lucas Pfannenstiel is keeping his arms silky smooth for his next OCR.

Be prepared for questions like “Did you shave your arms? Where did all your body hair go?” As highlighted in one of my previous articles How to Look Good in OCR Photos removing body hair allows your muscles to be more visible.  Sure your skin will be smooth as a baby seal, but isn’t it worth it for that epic Warrior Dash picture jumping over fire shirtless?


Do I want to stay cooler during hot races?

Shaving your body can help you keep cool during hot races.  It is like taking off another layer of clothing aka that hairy sweater vest you are currently sporting.   You will notice the effect dramatically at first when you wake up the next morning cold, but after another day or two you will not see the temperature change, but it will still keep you cooler during hot races, as your body vents heat without being covered in Mogwai fur.



Is my significant other okay with a hairless spouse?

Is your girlfriend going to be good with her rubbing her legs against yours only to realize your legs are smoother?  That is going to happen at least once, so be prepared for that conversation.  Remember couples that shave together, stay together…I think that is a saying right?


Am I willing to spend an extra 20 minutes in the shower and occasionally shop in the women’s hygiene section?

Shaving will take a little bit of extra time once per week if you plan on keeping everything under control, so you need to make sure you have an extra 20 minutes in your schedule that you can work with.  Furthermore, you may need to shop occasionally in the women’s shaving aisle.  Is that necessary?  Probably not, but their shaving cream smells better, and I have convinced myself the razors are nice.   So when someone comes over your bachelor pad be prepared to yell “Yeah, that is my pink razor, you want to go for a 10-mile run and talk about it.”


Okay, I think I am ready…what is step one?

CTG Pro Team member and author Evan Perperis

CTG Pro Team member Evan Perperis finishing his last obstacle on his way to the win at BFX Cincinnati. Notice him completing the obstacle despite being fairly confident that he had exposed himself when his shorts ripped (turns out everything was still covered). More importantly…notice the lack of body hair.

Assuming you have already swallowed your pride if you are ready to commit to the hairless journey, I recommend using clippers for your first lap around the body.   Once those long hairs are off, you can use a regular razor to shave off the rest.  If you shave often enough, then you can use the Intuition, which does not require any shaving cream due to a built in moisturizer bar.


Should I use Nair?

This is how I assume Nair was created.  A chemist does a shot of Bacardi…“I have an idea!  Let’s rub chemicals all over our body that destroys organic matter.”  Long story short, I do not recommend Nair unless you like chemical burns…since that is essentially what is going on.  Stick with the razors and shaving cream, unless Tough Mudder decides to add an acid obstacle…then Nair might be good practice.


Look at all this great information you learned today.  Get in that shower and take off that gorilla vest and I will see you on the start line #NoHairWinsRaces #LikeABabySeal #YouKnowYouLikeIt #SecretObsession






Photo Credits:

Lucas arm shave photo provided by Lucas Pfannestiel

Evan BFX photo provided by Amy Perperis of Strength & Speed

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