Today, Spartan Race released the official teaser for the Spartan Race Agoge. The Agoge is an extreme endurance education program pushing athletes to find more about themselves while acquiring new skills along the way. The Agoge dates back to ancient Sparta and according to the Spartan Race website brings those ideas into the modern age.

In the 7th century BC, the Spartans wanted to produce the strongest and most mentally tough citizens on earth. To do this, they created the Agoge, a system of training that became the envy of the known world.

Spartan Race brings this same philosophy to modern times with a fully immersive training program that balances class time with hands-on practical application of skills and lessons taught in the classroom. The Spartan Agoge will be held in Pittsfield, Vermont on the “farm” twice a year—once in summer and once in winter—with special sessions for US military units.

Check out the teaser video from the Winter Agoge.


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