American Grit Episode 7

Fox's American Grit Episode 7 starts off at the compound. Tony reflects on being the only one left on Team Tee. Cam and Haze talk about Cam's professional wrestling.

There is a delivery at the door.  Four compasses. The competitors realize that the need to learn how to use them quickly some have the experience, some don't. Teams have a feeling they are in for a surprise, and they are when Cena comes storms in at 3:30 AM.

Cadre Nick explains that wake up calls this early are normal. Cena loads the competitors on to the truck and hands out blindfolds. They will have to use land navigation to get to a stockpile of supplies to learn the next part of their evolution.

At 5:47 am they are dropped off at the foot of a trail. They follow the trail to find their gear. Their gear includes a compass, they must find the next checkpoint where their Cadre is waiting. Team Noah puts it together and finds the Cadre first.

They must solve a navigation puzzle to open their case which includes a new map, which sends them back to the endurance platform. Tony came in second shortly followed by Team Nick. Team Rorke is struggling to find their bearings.  Rorke discusses the idea that you need to find a point on the map and work from there.

Team Noah struggles to find the path and Team Nick and Tony are both on their tale. Team Nick tries to turn on the pressure.

But to no avail.

Team Noah wins their 6th Evolution.

No one has seen Team Rorke at this point. Rorke wants to leave them in the forest for the night. But they are rescued. After the evolution, Team Noah gets massages as their rewards. Rorke is mad. He's tired of being last. He takes them out to the forest.  Rorke presented them with their own blue bullets, talking about how they are their ammunition. Nick talks to his team about who is going to see the circus. They start talking about playing mind games against Tony.

Facing the Circus:

Team Tee: Tony (He is the only choice)

Team Rorke: Mario

Team Nick: Kjoy

Tony is depressed and Kjoy and Mario are both confident they will be staying. This weeks endurance challenge is a sandbag haul. They must haul sandbags from point a to point b that are 20 percent of their body weight. Mario hits the climbing wall first and is blazing through the course.  Tony is facing exhaustion. Mario finishes first, Tony finishes second.

The endurance test starts with them climbing stairs and then going down a hill  picking up a sandbag and then bringing it back. The first person to stop is out. After over an hour Kjoy said she has enough and quit.


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