This morning Obstacle Course Racing made a muddy splash on the popular cable morning show Fox & Friends as Civilian Military Combine graced the airwaves. The revamped organization showcased some of the obstacles and “The Pit” area during several segments this morning in New York City. Civilian Military Combine (CMC) is the original hybrid OCR combining a functional fitness “Pit” challenge and a traditional obstacle course to create a unique race experience. The segment highlights the revamped series in advance of their first event back this fall on September 10 in Brooklyn, New York.

This morning's show featured a shortened course outside the Fox Studio and CMC Race Operations Director Garfield Griffiths was onsite to answer questions from the hosts. The segment was part of the Fleet Week celebrations in New York City. We asked Griffiths about the segment this morning he said.

“It was an absolute blast working on Fox and Friends and the butt crack of dawn. The hosts were great and we get to do it all again in 48 hours. It was also the first time I got to work with the new CMC build crew, and holy crap are they good. The whole mini course (with mud pit) was up in 4 hours, and down in one. I am honestly so excited for the new CMC to hit the road this fall. I really hope the OCR faithful here on MRG will give us a try when we come to town.”

Civilian Military Combine currently has two events on their calendar for 2016 with an expanded schedule for 2017 to be released. After the September 10 event in Brooklyn, Civilian Military Combine will be headed to Flagstaff, Arizona on October 1st for its second event and first event ever in the Southwest.


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