Qualifying for the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships is no small feat. It takes more than tenacity, training and talent; it takes guts, gumption and gladiatorial instincts. The athletes competing in the 2016 OCR World Championships Oct. 14-16 at Blue Mountain in Ontario, Canada, are the cream of the crop in obstacle course racing. They are the best in the world and deserve the best the world has to offer, something that reflects quality, durability and luxury. 

Exclusive Commemorative Dryrobe Available to 2016 OCRWC Athletes 

ocrwc-dryrobe-posyThat’s why OCRWC is partnering with industry powerhouse Dryrobe for this year’s event to offer competitors an exclusive custom 2016 OCRWC Dryrobe. When it comes to comfort, value and versatility, Dryrobe all-weather change robes are famous for keeping the world’s most impressive athletes warm and dry before and after any event.

This lightweight, moisture-wicking workhorse is a must-have for any athlete. It can be used as a fast, easy and private way to change in public; as an incredibly warm coat; or as a weatherproof blanket. Dryrobe’s 100 percent waterproof and windproof outer shell provides excellent insulation, while its superior synthetic lambswool lining draws water away from skin. Use time after time directly on wet skin or over wetsuits and sweaty clothing without feeling the least bit damp. 

Strategically designed and placed essentials increase its functionality. Internal pockets provide easy access to extra clothing, valuables and an MP3 player, and fleece-lined external pockets keep hands toasty. A chunky reversible zipper does double duty inside and out, while a lined hood doubles as a chin protector when zipped in the front.  

A custom Dryrobe is a wonderful way to commemorate the 2016 OCR World Championships. Pre-order yours at OCRGear.com today and will be ready and waiting for you on OCRWC weekend in Canada’s Blue Mountains. You’ll be glad you did. When it comes to staying warm and dry, Dryrobe has you covered.

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