For weeks, Savage Race has been teasing a new sizable medal through social media with the word “Syndicate” on the ribbon. The race company is known for customer service and have recently created a new way to give back to repeat customers. Yesterday, Savage Race released more information about this new addition to the 5-mile obstacle races offerings. The Savage Race Syndicate is the newest way Savage Race is looking out for their repeat customers. For participants who run more than one Savage Race a year, their loyalty is about to be rewarded.


Savage Race Syndicate

Savage Race has designed the new Syndicate Medal for athletes to pick up after they complete their second Savage Race within a calendar year in addition to the normal finishers medal. Additionally, a state pin will be rewarded to those when they pick up their medal to display on their Syndicate Medal's ribbon. From Savage Race,

For each state that you complete along your Syndicate journey, we will hook you up with a custom Syndicate ribbon pin for that state, after you qualify. So for example, if you ran Florida in March, and then Ohio in June, you qualify for the Syndicate medal and the Florida and Ohio pins!

For those looking to add some more bling to their collection, the new medal is massive with a 5″ diameter and a spinning emblem in the middle. To earn this Syndicate medal participants must run two different venues in a calendar year or in the case of the Florida or Maryland complete both the spring and Fall events. Completing two laps on the same course does not count towards the Syndicate according to Savage's Sam Abbitt. We spoke with Abbitt at length about the new program, and he said this of its origins:

Savage Race SyndicateSavage Race is successful thanks to our dedicated and loyal participants. It's the men and women who keep coming back event after event who we owe everything to, so we wanted a way to say “thank you!”

We've been talking about creating some sort of a loyalty program like this for years, and the planning has been through many iterations.

I think that people will go nuts for the new Syndicate medal and pins, and maybe there will be someone crazy enough out there, besides Yuri Force, to earn them all. We are all so excited to be able to do this for our repeat savages!

Savage Race has been known for offering great races for years, and this is just the latest offering to thank loyal participants. Will you be earning a Syndicate this year?


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