Today marks the first day of #ObstacleWeek at Tough Mudder, it begins with a shock to your system with Electroshock Therapy. Electroshock Therapy was rated #5 on the top 5 obstacles for #ObstacleWeek. Over the years, electroshock therapy has been one of the most feared obstacles a well as the one that many “love to hate”. With 10,000 volts streaming through the hanging wires it can be an electrifying experience running through the obstacle.

Electroshock Therapy

Throwback Obstacle Moment

In the early days of Tough Mudder back in 2011, there was one man who began a legend among the Mudder crowd, his name Ray Upshaw. Upshaw was known for his unique tattoo on his back featuring the entire Tough Mudder Pledge spoken at the beginning of every event. Upshaw was also known for his interesting stunts on the course, including wearing a ruck throughout the course, stopping midway in Electroshock Therapy and doing a set of pushups. In the process getting shocked several times.

Tips for Surviving Electroshock Therapy

1. See It Before You Do it! – Mentally see yourself completing the obstacle. Find the path you want to take before starting to run.

2.Cover Your Face – Use your hands to shield your face as you run through the obstacle. 

3. Run – once you commit to the obstacle keep going!

For more tips on Electroshock Therapy check out the Tough Mudder website for more tips and tricks. Electroshock Therapy is starting off #ObstacleWeek at #5. Who do you think will be #4 tomorrow?


What if your Electroshock Therapy Story?

Share Your Experiences in the comment section below. 

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