A few months ago, I did an interview here on MRG about a new coaching platform we were getting ready to launch. It generated a good deal of interest from the OCR community, so I wanted to stop by and give people an update on our launch group.

It has been exactly one month since we narrowed down our list of applicants to 15 individuals and officially began our first training group. The experience we have shared over the past four weeks has been above and beyond what we anticipated. Our 15 athletes immediately began the process of becoming a team. They communicate in a group thread almost constantly throughout the day. The level of accountability and motivation amongst these athletes has blown us away. We started out with two weeks of testing and then moved right into our first microcycle of training. Right off the bat, we had Apex athletes lining up at races across the country and world (we have athletes from New Zealand, Canada, Dubai, and Italy).

workout-previewI’d like to give a few shout-outs to some of the performances thus far. These guys and gals all punched their tickets to Spartan World Championships and the OCRWC! Congrats on earning your coins!

  •         Hallvard Borsheim
  •         Ean Caskey
  •         Garrett Toll
  •         Serena Jura
  •         Colin Menzies
  •         Kirk Dewindt
  •         Mike Ferguson (Apex Project Athlete, but not Leaderboard)
  •         Brian Gowiski (Apex Project Athlete, but not Leaderboard)
  •         Kevin Donoghue (Apex Project Athlete, but not Leaderboard)

The success of these athletes has really lit a fire in our training group. They say steel sharpens steel, and this group is going to get very sharp indeed!

One very cool aspect of this team style of training is that I suddenly have such a wide range of athletes to work with. This sport is so new, and constantly evolving, that I spend much of my time adjusting my personal training and then applying that to the athletes I coach. With this group, our communication is so constant that I get to see through their eyes what needs to be adjusted. Rather than solely viewing OCR through my own lense and biases, I get to expand my view of the sport and how to train for it. Each week, they are learning new ways to train and improve; and so am I. With our recent addition of Andrea Duke (who competed in the Olympic Trials Marathon this year), we have raised the level of knowledge and competition even higher!

We are always looking for more motivated individuals to join this movement! In particular, we are opening some spots up for female competitors in order to round out the ranks. If you are interested in more information, send me a message to Our next training group launches on 7/18, and we have a few spots remaining!

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