Scott Keneally had an idea over three years ago to take his interest in obstacle racing and turn it into the first feature-length documentary on the sport. Over the next three years, he would put his heart, soul, passion, and finances on the line to make this dream become a reality. Now, the fruits of his labor have been released to the world as the documentary is available for purchase on both iTunes and the Rise of the Sufferfests website.

Scott took a few moments this afternoon to discuss the documentary, the impact on his life and thoughts leading up to the release tomorrow. He spoke candidly about his journey and his feelings leading up to the release of his first documentary. Scott openly talks about how obstacle racing and the community surrounding the industry have changed his life for the better in this interview. Check out the whole interview below and be sure to visit the Rise of the Sufferfests website now and download your own copy of the documentary.

Rise of the Sufferfests Interview with Scott Keneally

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