Alpha Warrior made a splash years ago in the obstacle racing scene only to go silent. However, the company did not go out of business. Instead, they readjusted their priorities and obstacles. Alpha Warrior recently returned to the obstacle racing world in San Antonio, Texas.

Alpha Warrior features a short technical obstacle course with little running but challenging obstacles. Alpha Warrior is not measured in miles or distance. Instead, the race focuses on obstacles. The course tests strength, core, fitness, and fortitude. This pushes athletes in a completely different way than most events. Alpha Warrior's objective is to complete each obstacle and finish with a 100% completion rate to become a “proven Alpha Warrior.”

Matt Willis of Mud Run Guide discusses the event with seasoned obstacle racer and Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge winner – Beni Gifford about the event. They talk about how it is a unique event for the OCR industry.  Jamie Hines recorded the two talking about the race and why it is one of the kind.

Matt Willis and Beni Gifford Discuss Alpha Warrior

 Thanks to Jamie Hines, Matt Willis, and Beni Gifford for the interview.

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