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2016 World's Toughest Mudder


Mud Run Guide is on the ground for comprehensive coverage of the 2016 World's Toughest Mudder. While racing does not start until Saturday at noon the WTM festivities have already begun in Lake Las Vegas. Today started with a press conference and media course walkthrough, finishing the day with the annual S-A-W-C-K party at Camp Rhino put on by Matty Gregg and benefiting Saint Baldricks. We give you highlights of the day below. Look for full updates on the Mud Run Guide World's Toughest Mudder coverage page for comprehensive coverage of the event, before, during, and after the event.


Sunrise in the desert. This is what 5:30am will look like on Sunday morning for the athletes.


Welcome to World's Toughest Mudder 2016


Amelia Boone anchoring the Press Conference. Find the whole press conference here.


Robert Killian, April Hartwig, Ryan Atkins, and Lindsay Webster-Atkins pose together after the press conference.


Nickademus Hollon and fiance Jade Belzberg both ready to race this weekend. Jade is a last minute addition to the women's race and look for her to be a competitor.


Double Rainbow is taking the old King of Swingers to the next level. Check here to see it in action. 


Funky Monkey has been reimagined and now is Funky Monkey The Revolution. See it in action here.


Funky Monkey The Revolution is one of the many obstacles that Tough Mudder HQ rumored might change throughout the race.


First look at Augustus Gloop. This one is going to be interesting in the middle of the night.


View from the top of Augustus Gloop.


First look at Stage 5 Clinger. See it in action here. This one will be interesting as well as athletes fatigue.


How many penalty loops do you see in your future? Multiple obstacles on the course have a variety of penalties. This one includes a swim.


Another new obstacle. This one is called Kong. Athletes will be flying high in the air on this one.


Don't look down! View from the top of the cliff jump. Who is ready to jump into the wee hours of the morning?


Annual S-A-W-C-K Party to benefit Saint Baldricks at Camp Rhino. Mudders came out to support a good cause.


Socks! Benefiting Saint Baldricks Charity.


World's Toughest Mudder favorite hugger.


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