For Those Who Would announced in December the creation of the For Those Who Would Healthcare Grant for the new year. The application period for the grant has been extended until January 7th for submissions. The $1,500 grant is made possible with the of supporting athletes, OCR World ChampionshipsBROCR Media, UntilLifeMakesSense, International Obstacle Course Racing Union, Mud Run GuideYancy Camp, and an anonymous donor. The purpose is to help ease the burden of one individual's health care costs. Below is for information about the grant and how to apply.

The purpose of this grant is to aid in the healthcare needs of an individual with a chronic illness or debilitating injury. The grant will only cover out-of-pocket costs related to health care treatment, healthcare support equipment, recovery, or rehabilitation. Strong preference given to applicants associated with the adventure, endurance, and obstacle racing communities. This is a one-time allotment of up to $1000. Applications will be accepted through January 7, 2017. The grant recipient will be notified by Jan 31, 2017. Direct any questions to
The application can be found on the For Those Who Would website. For Those Who Would continue to strive to improve the of one individual at a time. To nominate yourself or someone in need, head to the For Those Who Would web site for the full application and details.

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