The absolute best way to improve in life is by joining up with positive, like-minded people who are going to push you. That's why the Wolfpack Ninjas have been so successful. They are constantly pushing each other to improve and want to challenge each other to get better. It's this way with work, or training for American Ninja Warrior or being in a band… Squad up with others to get the most out off your training and life! As the wolves say: AROOOO!

Here is a video of the Wolfpack Ninjas and how they came about:


How about your squad? Does your team have what it takes to tackle a short-course and come out on top? Spartans, has your training prepared you to do well at the Wolfpack Ninja Tour? Think you will put a Spartan on the podium? OCR? Tough Mudder? Rock Climbers? Cross-fit? Who will be the first Wolfpack Ninja Tour CHAMPIONS? come and watch to find out, or better yet, put your training to the test and come and play on some obstacles? Oh yeah, and our event now has a primary charity partner which is Children’s Hospital of Colorado!

APRIL 29th & 30th 2017. $30,000 in CASH PRIZES. 5 Divisions (Pro Men/Women, Amateur Men/Women, YOUTH), KID'S CLASSES WITH TOP NINJAS! NINJA PRO TEAM WILL BE THERE COMPETING & TEACHING! Benefits Children's Hospital of Colorado!

Also, check out a recent Wolfpack Ninja Podcast (FREE on iTunes) podcast about the Wolfpack Ninja Tour:


Wolfpack Ninja Tour PRO TEAM


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