Warrior Dash kicks off their 2017 season this weekend. The race series has been putting on events in North American since 2009. Warrior Dash continues to be one of the best entry level events in obstacle racing, but even a seasoned veteran can find fun at a Warrior Dash. Looking for a few reasons to take on Warrior Dash in 2017. 

1. Ages 10 and Up Can Run

The minimum age to participate in a Warrior Dash is ten years old. While Warrior Dash does not have a kids race, having the minimum age of 10 to take part in the full 5k offers an excellent opportunity for both parents and children to take on the challenge together. For veteran racers, it's an excellent way to bring your kids into obstacle racing and run with them. So grab the whole family and take on the course.

2. Party On!  

Warrior Dash continues annually to have one of the best after race parties of any OCR. The Warrior Hangout offers something for everyone – participants and spectators alike. New in 2017 is the Stein Standoff and Tire Flipping. In Stein Standoff, ten Warriors will test their strength as they hold up their stein with a straight arm. Bend, spill or drop the full Stein, and lose the standoff. Winner walks away with a stein full of beer. Warriors can test their strength or race their friends with Tire Flipping.

Enjoy a live DJ, more photo opportunities, lawn games and a full lineup of contests like tug-o-war, dancing, best beard, costume, and more. With more shade and seating options available, the festival remains free of charge and open to the public.

3. The Obstacles:

The 5k Warrior Dash course is comprised of 12 obstacles. Warrior Dash obstacles are fun for racers of all levels. The obstacles are developed to challenge athletes and at the same time be achievable for all levels. 

Magic Carpet Ride: Competitors can “walk on water” as they
cross the wobbling, slippery mat to get to the other side. Core strength, balance, and speed are the three wishes of choice to fly on the Magic Carpet Ride.

Pallet Jacked: The water will cushion competitors falls as they traverse across swaying decks hovering above the water. Make it across, and competitors will be one step closer to the finish line.

Bridge the Gap: To reach each plank and summit the top of the pyramid, competitors will need to stretch as tall as they can. Calf muscles and hamstrings are the keys to successfully Bridging the Gap.


4. Have Fun and Give Back. 

Entering its sixth consecutive year, Warrior Dash continues their philanthropic commitment to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Participants can sign-up and fundraise as a St. Jude Warrior. In doing so, they gain access to the St. Jude VIP tent, with private showers, and additional benefits. All donations go towards the St. Jude Red Frog Events Proton Therapy Center which opened on the St. Jude campus in Memphis in late 2015.

5. It's An OCR World Championship Qualifier

For competitive obstacle racers, the first heat of each Warrior Dash is an OCR World Championship qualifier. Athletes finishing in the top ten in their gender qualify for OCR World Championships age group division. Athletes who finish in the top 3 qualify for the pro-division. So if you are looking for a fast race to qualify for OCR World Championships Warrior Dash might be your ticket.

Overall, with Warrior Dash anyone can start, everyone can finish. Whether you are a novice runner looking for your first OCR event or avid OCR competitor looking for a PR, Warrior Dash has what you're looking for. Looking to find out more how you can get into obstacle racing, check out our 6 Steps to Becoming an Obstacle Racer a simple guide to get you started. 

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