30 Days is Pretty Darn Easy…

…at least on day #29 it seems so! Actually, the entire 30-day SmashPlan has been fun and relatively easy overall; every day I have enjoyed the convenience of grabbing a SmashPack pouch no matter where I'm headed. Breakfast has been on autopilot for the past month, I don't need to think about what I should eat, and there's been no reason to grab a muffin or breakfast sandwich at a drive thru when I have a nutritious meal right there in my cupholder. Lunch is just as easy, pairing a salad with my second SmashPack of the day is easy on the road (Subway has been my go-to favorite) and after a healthy day of eating and exercise, I'm not going to throw it all out the window on dinner – so sticking to the plan becomes second nature.

The Harder Parts

I miss having something crunchy during the day, so a little peanut butter on a rice cake makes a perfect snack to curb that desire, but tortilla chips have always been something I crave and have little willpower to stop once I start. When they plop a basket in front of me at a Mexican restaurant it's a race to the bottom for me! In order to avoid that pitfall this month, I've kept the basket out of arm's reach or off the table entirely.

Cutting back on alcohol hasn't been a big issue, I've had a few ultra-light beers and a couple Jack & diets, but nothing too indulgent – and in those cases I allotted for the ~80 – 100 calories/drink in my daily totals.

What's Next?

Well, I've go to finish this first, so today I'll hop on a scale and see where I ended up and share my results tomorrow. I feel great, look considerable slimmer, and all my clothes fit the way I want 'em to. I'm not as ripped as I'd like to be, but that's expected as I have been resting my shoulder all month and primarily just running. Now that my abs are showing again, it's painfully obvious that I need to do some core work to tighten up and will start easing back into upper body work now that my shoulder is feeling stronger.

So, for the next 2 weeks I'll continue eating one SmashPack a day – I can't imagine not having the convenience of a quick 180 calorie meal available after how much I loved it this month – and hop back into the 7 Weeks to Getting Ripped program again, this time I'll ease into the Prep Program first to get my strength back and try not to re-injure my shoulder.

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