Green Beret Challenge has been around since 2012 founded by Mark Ballas. Ballas, a former Special Forces Operator/Green Beret wanted to bring some of his military experience to the masses. He launched his events with the Commando Team challenge, an 8+ mile event. Recently, Ballas added two new offerings from Green Beret Challenge with the Operator (individual race) and Behind Enemy Line 24-hour event.

Mud Run Guide recently sat down with Ballas to talk about the origins of his events, the latest Operator event, and upcoming Behind Enemy Line events. Matt Willis was at the recent Operator event, be sure to check out his review. In the interview, Ballas talks about why starting with a team event first. He also discusses why Green Beret Challenge has introduced the Operator course. Finally, we talk about the 24-hour event.

Ballas talks about how the Operator event offering both a 4- and 8-mile option is geared for every level of racer. The Operator includes many of the same elements athletes will find during the Commando Team Challenge and hopes athletes will take on the 8+ mile team challenge after conquering the Operator.

Green Beret Challenge continues to build on its founding principles offering personal challenges to overcome by exhibiting strength, determination, physical endurance, problem-solving and decision making.

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