Beginning on March 9, 2017, the United States OCR Championships will be offering a limited number of “combo tickets” in partnership with Conquer The Gauntlet, BONEFROG, Indian Mud Run, The Battlegrounds, and Green Beret Challenge. For $150, athletes will be able to participate in the Inaugural United States OCR Championships Age Group division, with no qualifying necessary, and also select any open heat in one these selected USOCRC partner event during this limited-time registration.
Though seemingly this is just a “deal”, this creates exceptional value for athletes, helps promote many different (and diverse!) events, and represents one of the most collaborative initiatives in American OCR with the underlying work establishing a level of cooperation not yet seen in the space until now. – Adrian Bijanada, US OCR Championships founder

First-Ever “Cross-Event” Cooperation

These combo tickets represent the deepest integration between multiple competing race companies; deeply discounting both events to provide an extraordinary value to athletes has never been seen at this level. Behind the mantra of #OCRUNITED, Adrian Bijanada of Adventurey (USOCRC, OCRWC) continues to open up new opportunities for multiple events to work together, both at the US and World Championships, and at their own events too. Not only do the athletes benefit from lower prices or ticket availability to a wider market, but the quality of individual events, obstacles, staff, and communications have the ability to be improved at every level.

Conquer The Gauntlet is thrilled to continue our partnership with Adrian, Brett, and the championship series with this joint registration! With three CTG events in Texas and multiple races in Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Georgia, and Arkansas, we are your best choice for racing in the Midwest and South and crushing your goals at the first ever US Championships! The #CTGFamily will be out in full force at YO Ranch, come spend your Labor Day weekend with us at this once in a lifetime event. Huge shout out to all involved for continuing to grow the sport, bring people together, and always put the athletes first. – David Mainprize, Conquer The Gauntlet

Indian Mud Run is proud to play a part in the Inaugural United States Championships. I believe the people who do OCR are getting what they have long been asking for when they see different races working together for the betterment of OCR. – Hubie Cushman, Indian Mud Run

We are honored to be one of the chosen participating race partners for the upcoming United States Obstacle Course Racing Championships. The vision shared by those involved is a testament that we can work together in this sport to achieve a common goal. – Mark Ballas, Founder & CEO, Green Beret Challenge

Limited Window of Opportunity

While these United States OCR Championships “combo tickets” in partnership with Conquer The Gauntlet, BONEFROG, Indian Mud Run, The Battlegrounds, and Green Beret Challenge represent a significant savings, this limited-time and number registration will not last forever – given how quickly the first few hundred spots filled during USOCRC's initial promo, you'd better act fast!

Combo Tickets, $150 (registration):

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