Arnel Banawa of headed to Georgia over the weekend to capture all the action of the latest Green Beret Challenge – Operators Course. Green Beret Challenge is a unique event that infuses challenges of the Green Berets and traditional obstacle racing elements. Mark Ballas the founder of Green Beret Challenge brings his experience as a Green Beret and expertise in event management to OCR continuing to put on a fan favorite event year after year.

Banawa of OCRTUBE headed to the event to check it out for himself. Many seasoned athletes walked away from the event with a new appreciation for all that Ballas has to offer. Check out the video below and relive all the action from Green Beret Challenge.

Athletes continue to rave about the unique course of urban and natural elements from the latest Green Beret Challenge Urban Assault Course. Green Beret Challenge has something for everyone at their events.

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