Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Lucas Pfannenstiel wearing his Hylete 6in1 60L shown in extended backpack mode.

Hylete makes some of the best fitness clothing on the market, but you may not know about their awesome backpacks. I personally have been using their Icon Expandable backpack for over a year now (check out this review if you want to know more…but it appears to be discontinued off the main Hylete Website), but recently gave their brand in 6 in 1 backpacks a test run for this review.

60L daypack configuration with duffel bag configuration (not visible) hanging on the front side during travel to Australia for True Grit Enduro 24.  Large enough to accommodate all non-racing clothes or gear for the two weeks and versatile enough to use as a travel bag.

What is the 6 in 1?

The 6 in 1 backpack is just what it sounds like, one bag that has six different variants for use and is easily the most versatile backpack I have ever seen. The six different styles include backpack, extended backpack, messenger bag, removable day pack, extended duffel and small duffel. My favorite configuration for traveling is having the daypack separate to store my computer and other essentials for air travel, while using the duffel bag to store my clothes. I would put the backpack under my seat and the duffel in the overhead providing an easy solution to avoid any checked luggage but still providing ample space for packing all my clothes (I workout twice a day…I bring a lot of clothes…and shoes).


The backpack is available in two sizes, 40L and 60L. The 60L is basically the same exact as the 40L but is significantly bigger. For the rest of the review, the aspects of the backpack I talk about refer to both unless otherwise noted.


The 6 in 1 has more pockets than I know what to do with. This enables you to pack your race or travel kit anyway you want in an organized fashion. One of the coolest aspects is the two huge side pockets are lined with reflective material acting as two cooler bags. This keeps your drinks cold while traveling or provides an icy post-race/workout drink even during a hot summer day. The duffel bag portion also has several outer pockets making it ideal to store things like keys, boarding passes, cell phone when going through security, snacks, Kindle or anything else you want quick access to while traveling.


I’ve been using the 6 in 1 for three months now which included eight races, five multi-day business trips and a two week race-cation to Australia. Bottom line is I have used it a ton and it still looks brand new. If you have ever seen the state of my cell phone, you know I don’t treat my equipment very nicely but the Hylete bag stands up to the roughest of conditions. Despite all that aggressive use, my Hylete bag has no broken zippers, no busted seams and no rips.

60L backpack side by side with the 40L backpack. Cooler side pockets are visible on both.

40 L vs. 60 L:

After having used both, I found that the 60L is better for travel and the 40L is better for a day race bag. The 60L seemed too spacious to use as a day bag bringing to a race like Conquer the Gauntlet or a Spartan Race. Even using the 60L as a travel bag on my recent trip to Australia for True Grit Enduro 24, I never had to expand the lower section designed to store shoes. However, if you are going to be racing things like Toughest Mudder events or Dirt Runner’s 24 Hour Midwest Mayhem, you may want to pick up the 60L to use as a race bag.


None. These bags are amazing. Seriously go buy one, you won’t regret it.


Not surprising, Hylete does an absolutely fantastic job with their newest backpack. I would recommend the 6 in 1 to anyone for race, travel or a general use bag. This is the type of bag that would not only be a great gift for an OCR athlete or but is truly functional for anyone that just needs a better backpack. Whether you are using it for a race or going to business meeting in a suit and tie, this bag provides a one stop solution. Keep doing what you do Hylete, you guys make awesome backpacks (and on a side note, these Hylete pants I am wearing while typing this are the softest pants I have ever worn).


5/5 stars

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