I purchased the obstacle guard padded arm sleeves for the obstacle course racing world championships in October 2017.  Prior to that race, I had never worn arm protection and I will never make that mistake again!  This product made every muddy barbed wire crawl, cargo net flip, rope and wall climb feel so much easier and much more comfortable.  The padding on the elbows and wrists protect you from the terrain, elements, and obstacles.  I walked away from that race without any cuts, scrapes, rope burns, bruising or chaffing on my arms.  Throughout the five hour race, these sleeves stayed in place and held up against the course without snagging or tearing.  They dried quickly and the compression component even assisted in creating a quicker muscular recovery between the obstacles.

I bought these sleeves direct from the seller but they are also available for purchase on Amazon.

They are a bit pricey, selling for $45.99, but if you are a serious obstacle course racer, this is an investment that is worth every penny. This company also sells padded leg sleeves ($49.99) along with compression socks ($27.99).

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