As many OCR athletes enter the dreaded off-season, we reflect on the skills that need developing in the coming months. In my informal research, I see a very common thread among us—we must build that iron grip. “Nevermore will a rig claim our burpees/souls!” we exclaim in our goals for 2018. That’s a solid goal, but where the heck does one start? Enter Grip Builder 101 developed by the team at OCR Beast.

OCR Beast Grip Builder 101

What is it?

The pros at OCR Beast developed a program specifically to target this area so many OCR athletes struggle with. Since endless sets of pull-ups and dead hangs can feel monotonous very quickly, and gains feel sluggish, this varied program is a huge draw. It can be purchased online directly from OCR Beast. The program is easy to print or save directly to your phone or other device for quick reference. Each workout is designed to be added to a cardio day or squeeze in whenever you have about 20 minutes to spare in your day.

Grip Builder 101 Towel Hang

Towel Hanging torture/goodness
Photo courtesy OCR Beast


What do you get?

The Grip Builder 101 program consists of 8 workouts that take 20-25 minutes each. Each workout is detailed with rep and set instructions with pictures. OCR Beast includes a reference section explaining every movement included in the workouts. As an added bonus, a rationalization behind each of the varying grip styles and how it applies directly to the course is included. Spoiler alert: every move is important and should not be skipped!

Grip Builder 101 One Arm Hang

Building a badass 10 lbs at a time
Photo courtesy OCR Beast

Why do I like it?

  1. One word: scalability. Part of what is so daunting to train grip often lies in the ability to perform the moves as prescribed. Grip Builder 101 offers options to scale and even progress moves for the hardcore advanced monsters. Note: following this program can transform you into one of those monsters!
  2. The moves are varied each workout. It’s not endless sets of strict pull-ups and dead hangs. Make no mistake–you’ll find these essential moves scattered throughout, but variations on these is where Grip Builder 101 shines.
  3. Each workout is short and easy to set up. If you’re working with limited space and equipment, this is a solid plan for you.
  4. More than anything, it works. Yes, it’s hard but power through it.
  5. *Bonus* Workouts make for killer IG posts and funny looks at the gym.

Is it worth the cash?

You can find a wealth of information for free by searching Google for grip strength, so why spend cash on this program? Valid question. Grip Builder 101 is built by OCR athletes for OCR athletes. It’s designed to prepare beginners and elites to tackle the common burpee-makers on course. If that’s not a good enough selling point, the strength developed by the program translates to functional everyday tasks as well. Yes, that means you can muscle all the groceries from your car to your kitchen in one trip with your new grip gains!

Author one arm hang

This nerd is a such a showoff…
Photo creds: Taylor Greene

At the price of $25 I think it’s a steal. 

Learn more about the program here


Still Skeptical?

If you’re not ready to dive into the program or spend the cash, give the free OCR Beast 2017 Dead Hang Challenge a shot. The second year of this challenge brings a month’s worth of grip-intensive work starting December 1. OCR Beast is going bigger and badder with the prizes this year, partnering with popular OCR brands like Tailwind Nutrition, Ascent Protein, GripSling, and FitAid to name a few. Accept the challenge here.

Dead Hang Challenge Accepted

Just hanging out waiting for December and the OCR Beast Dead Hang Challenge


Disclaimer: This is not an incentivized review. I am simply a huge fan of the OCR Beast Grip Builder 101 program.


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