2018 is already round the corner. And if you are like the average Joe, you probably have some New Year's resolutions. Let me guess? Your New Year's Resolutions are probably something like “lose weight” , “get fit”, “run faster” or “lift heavier”. Which is most likely what you had last year too. And did you make it all the way through to December? Probably not. (If you did, kudos to you)

So to really make a change this year try one of my 6 New Year's Resolutions for OCR suggestions for 2018.

New Year's Resolution #1: Sign up for a race distance that scares you

The best way to stay motivated throughout the year is to have a goal in mind. A goal so big, that it will scare the hell out of you, is just big enough.
So sign up today for a race longer than the ones you have done previously. If you've done a Tough Mudder Half, sign up for the Full. If you've done a Spartan Beast, sign up for the Ultra Beast. If you've run a Half Marathon, why not aim for the full 26.2 miles? So sign up today for a BIG race.

And then schedule reminders in your calendar that tell you how much time you have left until the race. I promise you that with a big scary goal in the back of your head you will find the time to train.

New Year's Resolutions for OCR

World's Toughest Mudder was my BIG scary goal for 2017.

New Year's Resolution #2: Volunteer at a race

If you have never volunteered at a race you should definitely give it a go. It gives you a completely different perspective on how races work. If you volunteer at an obstacle you will first see the elites crush it, before you can encourage and cheer on the normal crowd. Muddy hugs included for free.

Usually, you will get a discount code if you volunteer, so you are saving a lot of money too. And sometimes at certain races, you can still run in the afternoon if you volunteer in the morning.

New Year's Resolution #3: Become a morning person

We all admire these people that get up early in the morning, go for a run, do the laundry and cook breakfast before the kids wake up. But let's face it: being a morning person is not easy. However, it has several benefits: studies have shown that morning people are more productive and successful in life. How do you think you can fit all your training for resolution no 1 into your busy day? By becoming a morning person. And how do you do that? Check out my top tips here!

New Year's Resolution #4: Run for charity

Raising money for charity is great. Combining it with your running is even better. You get to do your favorite activity and do something good at the same time. It also puts the focus less on your ego and more on the good cause.

There are several ways of running for charity. You could either download the app Charity Miles where you track you miles and companies donate to a charity of your choice on your behalf. Or you could sign up for a charity run. The Muddy Angel Run or the Wings for Life World Run are not only fun, but also help to raise money for good causes.

And finally you could run any race and raise money for a charity of your choice. You could combine your charity ambitions with resolution no 1, which will hold you even more accountable.
And when somebody asks you “Why do you torture yourself in these mud runs?” the answer “I am raising money for charity” is just so much better than “I don't know”.

New Year's Resolution #5: Try a new sport

For most of us Obstacle Course Racing has a lot of great properties. We have fun, get fit, challenge ourselves, get over our fears and make new friends. Trying a new sport is also everything of the above. But in a new way.
So go out there and try something new. Maybe mountain biking? Or bouldering? Or swimming?
Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. And don't be scared because you've never tried this new sport before. At one point, OCR for you was also new, remember?

New Year's Resolution #6: Take daily cold showers

This one of my favorite New Year's resolutions. I started in 2016 and still practice daily cold showers. They just have so many benefits like training your immune system, waking you up in the morning and saving you lots of money.
Just start slow with just a few cold splashes every morning and then progress to full showers.
You will thank me 12 months later when your whole office is sick but you are not.


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