Want to train like an elite OCR athlete, but don’t want to pay elite prices? Yancy Camp is for you.

Yancy Camp is the creation of Yancy Culp, a veteran OCR athlete, seasoned coach and trainer to some of the of obstacle course racing’s best-known names. Not to mention one of the most inspirational people in our sport. I like to think that if I had Yancy watching me while I was racing, I would never not PR.

However, since he can’t be at every race for me and all of the other racers looking to improve their abilities, fitness, and skills, he created an online training program that allows everyone to get access to his coaching and training in a scalable way.

Instead of creating a custom training program for you, Yancy shares the programs that he creates for his elite athletes that he personally trains. You just choose the athlete you want to train like and you’ll get three workouts a week, plus one or two bonuses thrown in that will make you want to curse Yancy under your breath…in a fun, loving way.

Photos courtesy of Yancy Culp

You can do the exact same workouts at the elite athlete you’re following or you can scale it down to your level. For example, if the elite does three rounds, you can do one or two and work your way up.

The workouts are generally a mix of running, bodyweight exercises (burpees, squats, push-ups and lots of variations), and require only a minimal amount equipment. Suggested equipment includes a sandbag (or sandbell), bucket and a pull-up bar. There’s also nice to have equipment like access to a treadmill with an incline. Yancy loves incline training, especially in the months leading up to the Spartan Championship at Tahoe. For the most part, Yancy never repeats the same exact workouts.

Yancy created videos that demonstrate the lesser known exercises and if you have any questions about the programming of the workouts, you can ask Yancy directly on a private Yancy Camp Facebook group or via Facebook messenger. The Facebook group is extremely active with Yancy, some elite athletes, and many fellow campers. Members can ask and answer any questions related to Yancy Camp or OCR in general. It’s a supportive, friendly atmosphere where there are no stupid questions.

Another plus that Yancy Camp has, that is missing from some training programs is the fitness tests. Yancy Camp incorporates them to see how you’re progressing on a regular basis and include a timed two-mile run, max burpees in five minutes, etc.

All of the Yancy Camp athletes do seem to have similar workouts, but there are differences. An elite athlete who focuses on Stadium races, like Kate Cramer will have different workouts from an athlete who focuses on longer races like Glenn Racz. Therefore it’s important to pick an athlete to shadow that has similar race ambitions as your own. You can find more information about each athlete under their bio on the Yancy Camp website to help make that decision easier. Also, Yancy will be glad to help you find the perfect fit if you ask. Some elite athletes like Miguel Medina are more active on the Facebook Group, which is another aspect to take into consideration.

Beyond Yancy Camp, there’s also Yancy Camp Superheroes which is a training program aimed at everyday athletes. Instead of following the training plans of elite athletes, you’re following the training plans of real people like former collegiate athletes looking to get back into shape, a busy mom with minimal time to workout, etc. The workouts are similar to the main program, but are less time intensive, have fewer reps and are slightly more basic.

Another recent addition to the lineup is Richard Diaz’s Endurance Coaching. Richard’s focus is on distance running training. The two workouts a week (plus a bonus) are designed to complement the main Yancy Camp program.

The cost For Yancy Camp is $29 per month and gives you access to one athlete’s training plan, the Facebook community, as well as fitness and nutrition information.

Is it worth it?

If you’re self-motivated or looking for hands-off coaching, then the answer is yes. If you’re looking to improve your OCR abilities, it’s an easy yes. The workouts are fun but challenging and ever-changing. The price is more than fair to get access to a world-class OCR coach, his training plans, and an active support community.

Final Thoughts

I’d highly recommend this program to almost any athlete looking to up their OCR game. I signed up for Yancy Camp midway through the 2017 season and noticed significant improvements before my final race of the season. If you want to see results in 2018, try Yancy Camp.

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