You just finished a race. It was a great course, it was messy, and you were awesome. However, the line for the rinse station was ridiculous and you really didn’t want to wait so now you have to get in your car in your only “relatively clean” condition and relegate yourself to shampooing your upholstery later that day in addition to washing your gear.

If the above scenario sounds familiar then I may have the solution to your dilemma. I recently came across a product called Qikcover that was created for just such a problem. As athletes, we are constantly getting sweaty, dirty and smelly during our training and we follow this up by immediately getting into our automobiles and proceeding to rub this “crud” all into our seats. The creators of Qikcover aimed to make a seat cover that could be quickly thrown over your seat to protect it without having to worry about finding a custom fit cover. Sure you could use a towel but then you have to worry about it falling down behind you or sliding around when you get into the car. Those are not issues with this product.


  • Universal Fit for any seat (headrest or not)
  • Quick and easy to put on
  • Folds up compactly and tucks into its headrest pouch
  • Waterproof/sweat proof
  • Non-slip design thanks to the silicone beads on the backing
  • Soft antimicrobial microfiber fabric
  • Machine washable (as often as you like)

My Take

I used to have a cheap square vinyl seat cover that I purchased from the auto parts store. It served the purpose but I couldn’t wash it so it was beginning to get pretty rank and it didn’t exactly fold up small so it was a pain in the butt keeping it in the back of my SUV all the time. Basically, it was time for an upgrade! The Qikcover has been perfect! I only wash it after every 4-5 uses but even then it has never developed a smell due to the antimicrobial fiber. You can unfold it an install it in seconds and it doesn’t move once I put it on even with my leather seats. The Qikcover comes in three colors… well, kind of. That is to say that the headrest and print on the cover comes in Lime Green, Pink, and Black on the black fabric of the seat cover. My interior is beige so the black cover slightly disrupts my OCD need for color matching but for the limited time the seat cover is in use its fine. The main thing is the neat-freak in me is happy because I no longer have to worry about getting my leather seat dirty. Woohoo!!! The only negative I see in the Qikcover is the cost. At $49.99 USD the cost is somewhat steep however as the producer of a textile-based product myself I understand the cost involved in making an item such as this. The fact that Qikcover is a local small company means a lot because they aren’t making these by the tens of thousands which, of course, affects the cost per unit. For me, it comes down to value. I use this thing all the time so it's well worth the price especially gives the high quality of the construction and the fact it’s going to last. Bottom line, if you are looking for a great quick and easy cover to protect the seats of your car/truck/ SUV then you definitely need to consider the Qikcover.

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