Stumbling upon Legendary Fitness just outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin on a weekend visit with old college friends was quite the happy accident. I had been on the hunt for an obstacle-heavy gym for a while now and was pleasantly surprised with my impromptu visit. This facility and staff set the bar exceedingly high for the next time gym I visit closer to my home in the South. Allow me to rewind and review my 90-minute play session at Legendary Fitness.

Fixture inspired by the Northman Race's La Gaffe Du Draveur

Legendary Impression

My buddies and I arrived at the modest-sized facility as a group of six–three prepared to try and triumph and the other three to cheer. Mind you, I was the only one with OCR experience, so I knew they would be in for a treat. The standard $15 day-pass for each of us using the facility was reasonable (read: 100% worth it). Our spectators were even graciously allowed to giggle at our expense free of charge. I walked in with a grin on my face to rival the Cheshire cat and was surprised to arrive in a completely empty gym. A regular showed up a bit later to keep loose for an upcoming Ninja competition, but my crew basically had free reign.

Mary shows no fear attempting the rope traverse

Legendary Facility

Legendary makes great use of the space available with plenty of permanent grip-intensive fixtures, well-placed ropes, warp wall, 8’ wall, and even a surprising amount of open area for group fitness classes. It is well-stocked with my favorite toys from Spartan pancakes, BOSU balls, foam rollers and TONS of grip toys to attach to the existing setup. In short, Legendary can build the rig and circuit of your dreams.

Twirly Bird-inspired grip training at Legendary

Legendary Coaches

Tony Medaglia, one of the outstanding trainers on site immediately took us under his wing to give us the overview of what Legendary has to offer and emphasized several of the safety implements in place. As we played through a number of obstacles and drills, what really stood out for me was not only his knowledge in obstacle technique but his effective approach in demonstrating scalability and progression. This spoke volumes to me as a freshly certified personal trainer and competitive OCR athlete. Technique and efficiency are what makes all the difference in maintaining that competitive edge, so experiencing something beyond my “muscle through” approach was huge. Even in my brief visit, it was very clear that Legendary is serious about delivering exceptional training to beginners and elites alike.

Coach Tony gives progression pointers

Legendary Approach

After about 90 minutes of play pumped my forearms to the point of nearly bursting through my long sleeves, I took a moment to talk in depth with co-founder and coach, Sara Paull. She and her co-founder/husband, Trevor Paull, opened Legendary Fitness in June 2017 to meet the needs of an area that has seen considerable growth in OCR/ANW participation and interest functional fitness training. Paull explained that general fitness classes are offered on a regular basis and that regulars will compete as a team in races. What I found particularly interesting is the staff’s approach to training. She sees OCR as an extension of everyday fitness. Coaches here focus on play while recognizing small goals and achievements. Keeping fitness fun and functional is what Legendary is all about.

Showing a newcomer the ropes–literally

Be Legendary

High five to you, Legendary. From encouraging the weekend warrior to progress and celebrate small goals to potentially training the next American Ninja Warrior, this gym has that electricity that is so very characteristic of the OCR community. I encourage living or visiting the area to pop in for a visit. I absolutely plan to visit again the next time I’m called this far north. This rating is a no-brainer for me—5/5.

Ashley, a Legendary regular, keeps loose for an upcoming Ninja Warrior competition.

If you find yourself in the Milwaukee area, visit Legendary Fitness at N50 W13740 Overview Drive, Unit E, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051. Explore more at their website, Instagram, and Facebook.

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