Goliathon announced today the introduction of a new event for the fall of 2018. Goliathon introduces the new event G8, an 8-hour event offering participants a chance to take on multiple laps in one day. The event is set to take place October 27, 2018, a week after OCR World Championships.

Unlike many endurance obstacle races instead of racing for time participants will be looking to earn the most points at the end of the day. Participants will have 8 hours to get as many points as they can by choosing between G1 – 1 point G2 -3 points and G3 – 5 points on each tiered obstacle. The course will be 4 miles and the more laps someone does – the more points. The event will begin at 8:00am and end at 4:00pm.

The event will be limited to 300 participants and a prize purses will be given out to the top three finishers. 1st place male and female will each receive $1,000, 2nd is $500, and 3rd is $250. Additionally, Goliathon X will take place on October 13 the events 10th event. Registration opens today for both events.



Learn More About Goliathon Here.

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