Tough Mudder recently headed to Sacramento for what could be called the muddiest race ever! With low temperatures, ice water, gushy mud on every turn & electrifying cheers amongst the crowd, the atmosphere was buzzing with headband wearing legends. The smell of blissful nature was everywhere with a brisk breeze on the 40 something degree day. The festival included Marvel characters, Guinness beer, Celsius, and Kill Cliff. All the makings for an epic day at the races.

There is nothing like California. It is one of the best states in the United States. Why? There’s Hollywood, palm trees, endless food options, ocean waves for surfers, music concerts, automotive car clubs for days, and sunshine. Sacramento, the capital is often overlooked for it's more glamorous siblings, Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Francisco, however, Sacramento has its own charm not to be ignored. Tough Mudder was held only 17 miles from downtown Sacramento at Gibson Ranch.

The Terrain & Course

It rained all week in northern California just before the race, making for mud everywhere. The time & effort the crew had to put in to build the course with rain involved was herculean, to say the least. All the hard work showed on race day. Team members & staff did an amazing the job. I participated in the full 10-mile course. Instead of running a full course, the new 2 laps course was offered. The new normal for Tough Mudders.

A slimy muddy sprint started off the course. We went through Kiss of Mud, Hero Carry, Pitfall & mud mile. While the first couple of obstacles were not the challenging the Mud Mile was an exception. It felt like the Walking Dead climbing repeatedly out of trenches. The best way to get through the obstacle was a helping hand as you tried to escape the mud hills from hell. Midway thru the course was Devil’s Beard, Quagmire, Underwater Tunnels, Wood Carries, Trench Warfare, Berlin Walls & then the famous Blockness Monster. On the second lap, we were directed to new obstacles including; Everest, Arctic Enema, Electroshock Therapy, Kong Infinity & the grand finale Happy Ending.

What’s New for 2018 Season

Happy Ending! What an exciting new obstacle for 2018. It's big, it's bold, and it definitely stands out. Depending on the route you take it can be a shocking ending. Another new obstacle for the year is Kong Infinity. It tests your upper body strength and mobility. There is a wooden wheel in the middle of Kong. This adds a level of precision and timing in order to successfully navigate the route.  Both are great new additions to the Tough Mudder lineup of obstacles and adds a new level of fun.

Event Festival:

The festival area was well organized and full of fun activities. Marvel was in the house offering a chance to win some cool swag for participating in their rope challenge. Both kids and adult “kids” loved getting in on the festivities. Merrell had a hilarious and highly entertaining demonstration of how their new All Terrain shoes work. Celsius, Kill Cliff, Honey Stinger all offered free samples and it was tempting not to just fill my pockets. The Guinness beer garden was a fun way to celebrate with friends after the race and everything overall was well organized, and the staff was happy to answer any questions.


Overall, I had a great time. This was my third time running a full Tough Mudder. It just keeps getting better and better. Would I recommend this race? Hell yes. You won’t regret it. Family, friends & even fellow mudders will help you prevail in this muddy course. There is no better feeling in the world than conquering a hard challenge. I wear my headbands with pride because ultimately each headband tells a story. I’ve learned in this race that you’re never too young or too old to have fun. It’s all about the mindset. Until next time mudder nation.

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Rating: 5/5


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