Adventurey best known as parent company of OCR World Championships announced today a multi-year partnership with Akuma. Akuma is a British based apparel company best known in the United States for providing the New England Spahtens with team jerseys.

For the past two years Adventurey has worked with LegendBorne a company which was founded after Michael Bacon of Cornfed Spartans introduced founder David Bryant to Akuma. Bryant first worked with Akuma USA before parting ways to launch LegendBorne.

With this announcement today. Adventurey and Akuma have locked in a multi-year deal across the entire portfolio of races including the OCR World Championships, North American OCR Championships, 24-Hour Enduro World Championships, and the Empire State Marathon. At each of the Adventurey events unique jerseys will be available to participants, including the now iconic nation jerseys for OCR World Championships. The full press release regarding the partnership below.

Photo Credit: Vince Rhee of New England Spahtens


Akuma Sports, the United Kingdom based sports apparel company has entered a multi-year partnership with Adventurey, which will bring new and exciting custom jerseys for the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships, North American Obstacle Course Racing Championships, 24-Hour Enduro World Championships, and the Empire State Marathon.

“This is an important multi-year relationship for our organization and our athletes,” said Adrian Bijanada, Founder and CEO of Adventurey.  “We are proud to work with a company that has a long history in sports apparel whose name is synonymous with quality and durability. With athletes coming from around the world to compete at our events, we cannot think of a better partner than Akuma Sports.”

Akuma Sports started a decade ago with the singular goal to deliver a simple solution to purchasing high-quality sportswear. The company provides world-class products with a high-quality finish and industry-leading turnaround time. This gives teams around the world the best custom kits available.

“In our 10th year, Akuma Sports is excited to enter into a multi-year partnership with Adventurey, LLC as the Official Jersey” said Daniel Aldersley, Managing Director for Akuma Sports.  “We pride ourselves on creating apparel that will stand up against the toughest conditions, which I am sure the Adventurey, LLC portfolio of events will provide.”

Akuma Sports will create the official country jersey line for the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships, building a full line of newly designed national jerseys. Athletes will be able to represent their nation with pride while feeling confident in the construction and durability of their jersey. Each jersey is designed to reflect the culture, heritage, and flag of the nation and its people and will have the option to be customized with the participant’s name.

For the North American Obstacle Course Racing Championships, Akuma Sports is creating a unique commemorative jersey for the event with an original and exclusive design that reflects the atmosphere and feel of this exciting new championship.

As the official charity jersey of the 24-Hour Enduro World Championships, racers can wear a one-of-a kind jersey, which a portion of the proceeds will support Cystic Fibrosis and Organ Donation research and awareness. Each jersey is customizable with the participant's name.

Akuma Sports will also offer the official jersey for the newest race to the Adventurey portfolio, the Empire State Marathon. Athletes will have the option to customize the official race jersey with their name, creating a unique keepsake from this Boston Marathon qualifier race.

“I have been working with Akuma Sports for 6 years on behalf of the New England Spahtens,” said Jessica Wohlen, Founding Member of the New England Spahtens, one of the oldest regional teams in North America with over five thousand active members. “They are wonderful, responsive, and generally an amazing group of people. We couldn’t be happier about this partnership. The obstacle course racing community is fortunate to have Akuma Sports involved with kit design and production. We are excited about the opportunity to create a New England Spahtens jersey specifically for Adventurey events.”

Currently, orders are available for the 24-Hour Enduro World Championship charity jersey on the Akuma Sports website ( Additional event jerseys will be available soon for pre-order.


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