As we roll into this Memorial Day weekend in the United States the obstacle racing community is abuzz with activity with races happening all around the world every weekend. Our community is all over the world and this week's community members of the week remind us how the obstacle racing community truly is a global family.

This week Bonnie Wilson, our social media guru, handpicked two community members to highlight for the week after they took on Frontline OCR and Savage Race recently. She also has a special bonus this week just for laughs.

Congrats first to Kate (@kyakfit) for her success at Frontline OCR. She writes:

“Here's what happens when you #focus your #energy and #train your @ssoff….you #WIN your third race ever! Hell, you work hard enough you could win your first or maybe never….but did you try? Did you do the best you could? Then you #wonin some aspect of the word. Thank you to @frontlineocr for an amazing race today!  So remember boys and girls, your #KYAKfitTip is to keep training for whatever your #goal is.”

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Our next community member of the week is Billy Heatherly (@billheath05) from a recent Savage Race. He writes: “Actual footage of me jumping into a giant bowl of cookie dough ice cream.”

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Finally, we round out the week and go into the holiday weekend with a little fun. Last weekend at Nuclear Races the infamous slide offered once again a gem of a photo.

So for this Memorial Day Weekend, Cheers and Bottoms Up!


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