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Just when you thought Spartan had covered all your OCR loving needs. They continue to find innovative ways to bring fresh elements of their races to the masses. The April 28th and April 29th, 2018 Philadelphia Convention Center FitExpo showcased a fantastic assortment of fitness activities. There is no surprise Spartan wouldn't be up in the mix. The Philadelphia Spartan Expo Dash added a unique experience for those looking for a challenge while at The FitExpo.

The Challenge

Is there indeed no secret about what you are getting into when you sign up for a Spartan race? Well, for some it is. Spartan is doing one heck of a job making sure they get the attention of all OCR enthusiast. But, with this great Spartan power, comes great Spartan responsibility. For Spartan Race in regards to an expo series, keeping things transparent by providing participants a chance to go through the motions of a race can not only prepare folks physically but mentally. The Spartan Dash didn't lack. It was ten obstacles cleverly mapped to give you the best few OCR minutes of your life. Sure, it didn't have the full element's of an actual Spartan Race, but it was a race that demanded your full undivided attention.

The first obstacle of the Spartan Dash was the treadmill. I felt the treadmill's sole purpose was to gas you out immediately. The objective was to burn ten calories, counting down from 10 to 0. Does it sound easy? Not really. Another added challenge to the Dash was the time cap.  Saturday's time to beat was 1:50 minutes. So, individuals such as myself had to hit that a specific finishing time.

For those thinking they could do a nice jog or trot, not this dash. Having the endurance to push it on the treadmill definitely helped a lot of athlete's produce amazing times. Another obstacle that was similar to lifting the Atlas Stone was the 100-pound medicine ball carry for the men, and the 60-pound medicine ball carries for the women. Let's say, 100 pounds of carrying anything is laborious, especially if five burpees are added to the obstacle just like during an actual Spartan. But, once again if you don't know what it's like at a Spartan Race, the Dash gave you a sample that would most likely have you feeling like you can actually do this.

Spartan Dash Energy

It was hard finding a chance to hide while participating at a Spartan Expo Series. You were literally on a stage in full sight of any and everyone who wanted to watch your Spartan prowess. No matter your level of ability, there you were being watched from start to finish. Ironically, that was okay. In all actuality, spectators watch you at races; it's just the Dash made it more directed at you. Just like every other fitness competition I witnessed at The FitExpo, people were continually cheering for each other. I didn't hear any booing, or adverse reactions while walking around the expo. So, to get a taste of the Spartan Dash meant you were about to get loud cheers that echoed throughout the venue.

Final Thoughts

If a Spartan Expo Series is coming to your location, grab folk's that are looking to do a Spartan race and get them signed up. For those of you who are Spartan lifetime runner's, come on out and get some of that Spartan work too. The moment someone mention's timing and potential bragging rights, I'm sure that alone would encourage all Spartan faithful alike. The Spartan Expo Series finisher shirt and alluring dog chain are just another set of Spartan swag that I will gladly add to my OCR training and race day attire. I would willingly participate in a Spartan Expo Series Dash again.

Lastly, I want to take this opportunity to spread love to all the Spartan Volunteers and Spartan Street Team Members. While at the Spartan Expo, I met some cool dedicated folk's. It takes a village to put on an OCR race. So, kudos to the Spartan Expo Series Volunteers, Spartan Street Team Members, and Staff. You were engaging, open to answering questions, and steadily encouraged participants while on their Spartan Dash journey. Everyone did a fantastic job.

Video and music credits: Derek Ross

5 out of 5

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