A few months ago a company called Dry Rub contacted me on Instagram and told me about a new product they had. They told me that it was a car seat cover designed to prevent sweat, stains, and odors after a workout or a race. They wanted to know how I thought it would be received in the OCR community and I told them I would be happy to try it out and let them know how it worked for me. I used it after a few sweaty workouts and  Terrain Race and here’s what I found out.

I go to a great gym called H.U.R.T. There I get personalized workouts and am on a pretty heavy weight lifting program. I love it and have seen some great results. The only problem is they don’t believe in air conditioning. This makes for some ultra sweaty drives home in the summer. We all sweat and know that no matter what we do some workouts make for some unpleasant odors. I decided to try my new black and hot pink Dry Rub seat cover during a heatwave. I was a little worried that it might be difficult to get the cover on but it couldn’t have been easier. It simply lays on the seat and there’s elastic on the part that goes over the headrest. In less than a minute I had it on. This makes it perfect for being able to have it on only when needed. The material is soft and doesn’t make you sweat any more than you already are. I used it on my ride home from the gym, took it off and my car stayed dry and fresh.

Next, I decided to test it out on the drive home from an OCR. So I tried it on June 30 after I had run two laps of Terrain Race. It was 98 degrees out that day and the end of the race had 3 water obstacles. This meant I was leaving wet from dirty water and sweat. The race was only 40 minutes from home and I was so hot and tired I just wanted to get home.

With Dry Rub, I was able to finish the race, get my medal and walk to my car and head home. The only thing I had to change was my shoes. The material is so absorbent and there’s rubber on the bottom so all of the mud and water stayed off of the car. When I got home all I had to do was quickly remove the cover and hose it off with my sneakers. It says that you can put it in the washing machine and line dry it but I found all it needed was a quick rinse.  

Yes there are changing tents at these races but sometimes the tents are so crowded and the hosing off areas have such long lines I don’t feel like changing and just want to get in my car and drive home, but I don’t want the inside of my car to look like IT had just run the race. And it’s nice to be able to keep all of the gym odors from seeping into the material of my car. On the back, they have the slogan, “Train Dirty Ride Clean” and this is exactly what I did. Being made in America is another huge plus for me and the design is aesthetically pleasing.

They are black and you can choose from a few different colors of piping with a matching chili pepper design. I chose hot pink because I’m still a girly girl at heart! Something else they offered which I wish I had the opportunity to try before it sold out is a seat cover with two built in adjustable massagers! Imagine driving home from the gym or a race and being able to start your recovery immediately. How many times do you get home from a long drive home and find that your muscles are tight and you are achy? They are working on bringing us a new and improved version of this and I’m excited to give it a try. Head on over to www.getdryrub.com and check out the products for yourself. Your car will thank you.


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