I have been a fan of Atomik Climbing Holds for about as long as I have been doing Obstacle Course Racing (OCR). One of the aspects that make OCR challenging is certain movements are hard to make progressive (it gets harder as you get better). Luckily for me (and you), I found Atomik’s Peg Receivers to allow for a versatile training solution that helps you prepare your forearm and back muscles for even the toughest obstacles.


The peg receivers come in several variants, the two major ones are a half dome or a ball. The ball has several sub-categories including various angles (0, 15, 30, 45 and 60 degree) allowing you to increase or decrease the difficulty through the angle. I went with the zero degree receivers and a mix of ball and half dome for my home OCR gym.


What I really liked about the peg receivers was the modularity and their versatility. Since each peg receiver is its own piece, you can literally put them anywhere you want to put screws in your wall. Each hold has four holes for screws and is about as easy to setup as you can get.

Since I move fairly frequently (once every couple of years due to work), I already had a pegboard mounted to my wall so I just mounted it directly onto the existing wooden board I already had mounted to the wall (which also happens to be a pegboard). This modularity is great because I can adjust the spacing between receivers making them easier or harder.

Furthermore, the receivers are great options not just for peg receivers but also to be used as a traverse type function or just for regular pull-ups. This makes training harder but simultaneously working both grip strength and back strength. In case it is not obvious, the balls receivers are significantly easier to hold onto then the half domes.

Taking Things Up a Level:

If you are still looking for more versatility and a progressive form of training, Atomik offers a variety of pegs to make things even more challenging. Options include high-quality oak wooden pegs, horizontal pegs (2 inches, 2.5 inches and 3 inches) and vertical pegs (2 inches or 3 inches) and peg bombs (3.5 inches or 4.5 inches). The 3-inch vertical pegs require some next level grip strength and something I’m still working towards.

Quality & Options:

Atomik makes the best climbing and ninja accessories I have had the experience of using. They seem virtually indestructible. More than once I have dropped them from the top of a ladder onto concrete and they just bounce off the group without cracks, chips or any visible damage.

The color options are insane and actually, I often find it a bit overwhelming each time I place an order from them. Whatever color or shade you are looking for, Atomik has a color that will match. (Before you order, I would take a look at their color chart to figure out the exact shade you want).


Atomik peg receivers and accessories are an easy 5/5 stars. Check them out for not only peg accessories but anytime you are trying to improve grip strength for OCR. Finally, don’t forget that anytime you order from Atomik, make sure when you order you head over to their discount section. They often have freeholds that can be added to your order and all you need to do is pay a little extra for shipping.  If you want to know more about Atomik products, check out the review I did on their Atomik Rig Grips.

Pegboards…easy enough even a baby can do it…kind of.

5/5 Stars

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