The North American Obstacle Course Racing Championships took place over the weekend at Stratton Mountain, Vermont. Athletes from all over North America converged on the Green Mountains for three days of racing action.

Friday's Short Course

The North American OCR Championships Short Course featured over 1,600 athletes from ten nations, forty-five states, and 8 Canadian Provinces and a prize purses worth over $14,000 was disbursed among the pro divisions. The Friday event featured a 3-Kilometer course with sixteen obstacles from races and builders around North America.

3K Short Course Pro Division Results

 1. Ryan Atkins – CAN  18:23  1. Lindsay Webster – CAN  21:51
 2. Veejay Jones – USA  18:38  2. Nicole Mericle – USA  22:38
 3. Jesse Bruce – CAN  19:13  3. Alexandra Walker – USA  24:48

Agr Group Results

Full Results From the 3K Championships

Men's Pro Podium 

Women's Pro Podium 

In addition to claiming the 3K Short Course North American Title Ryan Atkins took home $5,000 in prize money. Joining Atkins on the podium was Veejay Jones and Jesse Bruce. On the women’s side, Lindsay Webster finished in the top place followed by Nicole Mericle and Alexandra Walker.

Saturday 15K Classic Distance

The Saturday event featured a 15-Kilometer course with nearly forty obstacles. The race showcased some of the most unique and exciting obstacles in the industry. Athletes qualified to race from all over North America and this unique race showcased the best in both the Pro Division and also the best Age Group racers.

Both Ryan Atkins and Lindsay Webster continued their winning streak. Both Atkins and Webster followed up their strong wins Friday with incredible Saturday. Webster is currently the reigning 2017 OCR World Champion. Webster took the lead early in the race and never looked back. Besting the rest of the women’s field by six minutes. Nicole Mericle finished second and April Cockshutt third.

The men’s race proved to be an exciting one with Mark Batres getting to the top of the first climb in the lead, however, Atkins was quick to take over on the descent to capture the lead. He continued to build a cushion throughout the race distancing himself from the rest of the men’s field. Mark Batres finished second and Jesse Bruce would take third place overall.

In addition to claiming the 15K Classic Distance World Title Ryan Atkins took home $5,000 in prize money. Joining Atkins on the podium was Mark Batres and Jesse Bruce. On the women’s side, Lindsay Webster earned her $5,000 prize for first followed by Nicole Mericle and April Cockshutt. Second place won $1,500 and third $500 in both the Pro- Divisions.

15K Classic Course Results

 1. Ryan Atkins – CAN  1:33:03  1. Lindsay Webster – CAN  1:48:01
 2. Mark Batres – USA  1:36:30  2. Nicole Mericle – USA  1:54:01
 3. Jesse Bruce – CAN  1:38:39  3. April Cockshutt – CAN  2:04:07

Full Results and Age Group Results Here

Sunday Team Race

The Sunday event featured a 10-Kilometer course with 23 obstacles from obstacle races and obstacle builders around throughout Canada and the United States.

Teams of three took on this relay style event featuring three sections of the course – Speed, Strength, and Tactical Obstacle specialties. The race is a combination of strategic planning among teams and knowing strengths and weaknesses.

With several powerhouse teams in the men’s and women’s divisions the races shaped up to be a battle between two Canadian teams in the men’s Pro-Race – Team Platinum Rig and Team Northman. Team Northman took a strong lead in the first part of the race. However, Jesse Bruce from Team Platinum Rig made up ground on the third section of the course before the last slant wall. It all came down to the last 20-foot slant wall to determine the winner. Team Platinum Rig edged out Team Northman to take the title.

In the women’s Pro-Team Division, Mom Strong took the lead on the first climb up the mountain and never looked back. It became a battle for second and third place between Bad Ass Masters (who team averaged 51 years old) and Strong as a Mother. In the end, Bad Ass Masters finished a few minutes before Strong as a Mother. All three Pro Women’s teams are made up of mothers.

In the Co-ed Division, it was all about Team Suunto and Benji, Ryan Atkins the one male on the team finished running on Team Northman then turned around to race with his wife Lindsay Webster and Nicole Mericle. They took the lead during the strength section from Team Hotwheels MudGear and went on to win the division by eight minutes over the other co-ed teams. Conquer the Gauntlet Pro Team finished second with Team Hotwheels MudGear coming back after dropping to 5th place at La Gaffe obstacle finishing third.

Sunday Team Results

 Pro Men’s Team Division  Pro Women’s Team Division  Pro Co-ed Team Division
1.      Team Platinum Rig

Samuel Herbert

William Brouard

Jesse Bruce

  58:47 1.      Mom Squad

Julie Hartjes

Rachel Corigliano

Ashley Samples

  1:21:57 1.      Team Suunto & Benji

Ryan Atkins

Lindsay Webster

Nicole Mericle

2.      Team NorthMan

Marc Andre Bedard

Ryan Atkins

Benjamin Morin Boucher

  59:19 2.      Bad Ass Masters

Darla O’Connor

Heidi Williams
Lisa Nondorf

  1:35:26 2.      Conquer the Gauntlet Pro Team

Evan Perperis

Matt Willis

Amy Pajcic

3.      NexGen OCR

John Penland

Veejay Jones

James Nair

  1:01:24 3.      Strong As a Mother

Chrisa Dustman

Cynthia Campanaro

Heather Gollnick

 1:38:21 3.      Team Hotwheels MudGear

Alexandra Walker
Mark Batres

Natalie Miano


Full Pro Results and Open Results

The North American Obstacle Course Racing Championships is one stop on the road to the OCR World Championships to be held outside London, England in October 2018. The OCR World Championships has become the premier championship for athletes globally in the obstacle course racing industry and continues to set standards for excellence. Bringing together not only athlete but also race organizers in a truly OCR United effort.

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