Editor's Note: This is the shortest review ever in the history of Mud Run Guide

Stick Yer Face in Some Goodrs.




Goodr shades are super-comfy, flexible frames in 3 styles (one more coming soon!) that feature polarized lenses in plenty of fun colors. Surprisingly, they feature all the quality you'd find in $150 glasses for the stupid-cheap price of $25 for the smaller-sized OG's and $35 for the BFG's (Big F'n Glasses). For the record, the BFG's are really not that large, and on my relatively normal-sized head they fit quite nicely for runs when I want a little more sun protection, and the silicone inserts keep them from bouncing or sliding around mid-run.

Testing out the Goodr BFG's on a stupid-hot trail run. Silicone inserts on the bridge and earpieces keep these shades in place no matter how swampy & sweaty my dome might be.

Unisexy & Family-Friendly

I was lucky enough to get a corny-u-copia of colors and styles to test, and Kristen and Vivi both eagerly grabbed their favorite colors of the OG's which look cute-as-a-button on my 9 year-old, and pretty darn hot on my wife.


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