The 2018 OCR season has been a real eye-opener for me. I’ve already dealt with a medial DNF, earned a nice broken foot and, as I type this, sit here with all kinds of patterns of kinesiology tape on my back, applied by a chiropractor at a licensed PT facility. As I age, I find I’m more susceptible to injury, and those recovery times seem to lengthen after every birthday.

However, I’ve always listened to my physicians’ advice about medical clearance and training before getting back into it. In my mind, I want to be able to function at a high level, without risking more severe injuries in the short or long terms.

So, with that, I want the OCR community to take a good, strong look at the continued usage of “whatever'ing the f*** up,” or asking for medical advice on a public forum. Guys, if you have to question your ability to participate in a race, or even training, because you may be injured or sick, please talk to a doctor. People on Facebook forums are probably not doctors, and if they are, they are unable to properly diagnose you over the internet.

Oh, if your doctor says, “In my experienced medical opinion, you should sit this race out due to your condition,” don’t run it.

Believe me. There’s no Deep State conspiracy, filled with physicians trying to hold you back from finishing one of the many races you’ve trained for all year.

In fact, I would bet doctors are probably looking out for your best interests to make sure you’re fully able-bodied to participate and compete in future events! Doctors are on your team, everyone! Listen to them.

What’s one race? Is that one empty area on your wall of medals going to haunt you forever if you defer a race? Will your training or healthy lifestyle have any less meaning? Would you rather go out this weekend with an awful, OCR career-ending injury or ailment, or sit a few events out to come back stronger than ever, ready to take on the next 10 years?

Seriously, you’re all getting older, and simply don’t bounce back as quickly or as completely as you used to. If you reach a tender retirement age and are unable to walk without a medical device, will you tell your grandchildren about that OCR you did in 2018, where you weren’t able to complete any of the obstacles or penalty laps/burpees because of your broken XXXX, temporary disease, or other handicap, but you still muscled yourself across the finish line, against doctors’ orders?

“Yeah, Billy. I showed that doctor I could, when he said I can’t. I mean, I have a lot of trouble walking now, but I have that medal in a box somewhere to prove that doctor’s hundreds of thousands of dollars of investments and years of training were useless!”

Cool story, grandpa.

Seriously, everyone. Please take into consideration your overall health. No one cares if you don’t participate this weekend. Anyone who tells you to, “whatever the f*** up,” or not to listen to your physician, is ignorant and simply not looking out for your best interests. Defer your race; live to OCR another day.

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