With the holiday season in full swing and a few lingering races left in 2018, the OCR community continues to be active even through the holidays. Whether it be traveling to races or taking on athletic challenges, or even just skipping that third helping of dessert. The Mud Run Guide community continues to be vibrant and exciting.

Bonnie Wilson combed through the Mud Run Guide socials and handpicked two of our community members to highlight this week.

First up this week is Eric Lau (eric__lau) celebrating the end of his 2018 season in a very muddy way. Eric writes “Muddy Medal Monday from my final race last weekend at the SC beast. I think I may still be cleaning out some of this mud, and yes – those abs are real!”


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Next up is Rachel Koehler who introduces herself to the world, the young lady is poised to take on the obstacle racing world. Rachel writes:

Hello World! Let me just take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Rachel. 

My family and I recently discovered OCR this past spring, started training at the @ocrkingcompound, and I got the opportunity to do my first race in April. I had an absolute blast and decided from then on I would compete in the girls competitive wave. I have competed in 5 competitive waves and placed in 3. I qualified for the Spartan Kids World Championship Race and have earned 3 trifectas. After I run competitive, I run with my little brother as his guide. He is visually impaired, but we always have a ton of fun together!

In my off-season I am dedicated to swimming. I currently swim on my school team and I’m very excited as the season progresses. In my free time(which doesn’t really happen) I love all things music and love to read. “An athlete cannot run with money in his pockets. He must run with hope in his heart and dreams in his head.” -Emil Zatopek 

I hope to do many more OCR races in the future and dream to one day become an age group qualifier for the World Championship.


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