Tough Mudder and Openfit have teamed up to present the Mudder Nation a 30-day challenge that will finish with a “do-it-yourself” OCR race and zoom party at the end of May. The 30-day challenge will feature the Openfit T-Minus 30 program, a Facebook group to motivate and support each other and the challenge will be hosted by Coach T-Mud, Kyle Railton. The challenge opens April 27, 2020 but people can jump on any time during the month

For Coach, being the host of this challenge is giving him a chance to reconnect to the community, a community he loves and missed.

“A lot of us are missing our events right now,” Coach said. ” A lot of people are feeling isolated and alone right now. They are missing the community, they are missing the positive energy that comes from being out there. It is incredibly important that we can bring people together. ”

The challenge will be hosted on Facebook and using the Openfit streaming fitness service.  The Tough Mudder T-Minus 30 program is hosted by Hunter McIntyre and presents a 30-day workout plan that can prepare you for your first Tough Mudder race. The program does not require equipment (one set of dumbells is optional) and offers movements at different ability levels from beginner to advance. It includes conditioning, athletic training, dumbell work and mobility.

You also have access to the Tough Mudder T-Minus 30 nutrition plan that will offer recipes to help fuel your training.  You can also access Openfit's other programs include Barre, Yoga and HIIT training.

There will also be a Facebook Group where people can share their progress, support and motivate each other.  Coach Kyle's goal is to give people a chance to reconnect in a positive way.

“The internet is a mess right now,” Coach Kyle said. “People are scared, they feel like there is so much out of their control, some have jobs, some don't have jobs, some are juggling being parents, teachers, workers, caregivers. Despite it all the one thing we can control is our body. We can lift each other up in a positive way, support each other, and we can get healthy together.”

At the end of the month Coach Kyle will be hosting a do it yourself Tough Mudder virtual race where racers will be challenged to build obstacles with whatever they have around them.  Throughout the month they will be posting previews of the obstacles that will be part of the final race.

“They will be easy DIY obstacles,” said Coach Kyle “We might even give rewards based on creativity.”

The emphasis is this will be an all-abilities friendly challenged to get people to move.

“Everyone can come and challenge themselves, the intensity is all subject to you.

To get involved in the challenge.

  • Sign up for Openfit T-Minus 30. You can get your first 14 days for free. T-Minus 30
  • Join the Facebook Group. T-Minus 30
  • Share your journey in the group and support one another through the 30 days.

We asked Coach what message he wanted to send to the Mudder Community. And he shared a lesson that he's learned running through World's Toughest Mudder.

“Smile. Don't focus on the end, don't focus on when it is all over, focus on today, focus on what you can control and focus on what is possible.”


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