Savage Race's co-founder, Sam Abbitt, recounts the success of 2020 Savage Race Illinois, and the additional challenges placed on event companies during the COVID-19 pandemic.
“Savage Race is safe. Come race with us.” – Sam Abbitt
“We can safely open races. How many other businesses do you know of that can say they do all of this?”
  • 100% outdoors
  • Customers are athletes, a young and very healthy demographic
  • Hired medical professionals screening every single entrant
  • Masks required anytime you are near people
  • So much room to space out that customer occupancy is expressed in people per acre (in Illinois we had ~2 people per acre of venue space)
  • Can hardly walk 10 feet in transactional areas without hitting a hand sanitizer stand
  • Plastic barriers, hand sanitizer, masks at all transactional areas

Safety Protocols

Savage Race enacted multiple new safety protocols to keep participants and staff safe, including mandatory health screening before entering the venue, copious amounts of hand sanitizing stations throughout the festival and course, social distancing measures for all participants before, during, and after the event, and more. See the complete After Action report below for full details.

Upcoming Savage Race Events:

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September 12, Maryland Savage Race & Savage Blitz Fall 2020
Hopkins Game Farm, Kennedyville, MD

September 26, Georgia Savage Race & Savage Blitz Fall 2020
Moonlight Stables Equestrian Center, Dallas, GA

October 10, Dallas Texas Savage Race & Savage Blitz 2020
Beaumont Ranch, Grandview, TX,

November 14 & 15, Florida Savage Race & Savage Blitz Fall 2020
Little Everglades Ranch, Dade City, FL

December 05, Charlotte North Carolina Savage Race & Savage Blitz 2020
Hodges Farm & Pumpkin Patch, Charlotte, NC

Complete After-Action Report from 2020 Savage Race Illinois Event:

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