With the effects of COVID and quarantine it is more important to support local businesses more than ever during this time.  In my biased opinion, I also like to support Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) related businesses if possible.  So when fellow OCR athlete Dr. Alexis Buford opened her chiropractic office, Volition Chiropractic, I stopped by for some treatment, decided to write this article and share some of the things I learned.

Location:  If you aren’t from Kansas City area, don’t worry, this will be helpful for anyone looking for treatment and a good way to help identify other OCR backed businesses.  Volition Chiropractic is located in Kansas City (just down the road from Apex Climbing Gym).

OCR Pro Jenny Overstreet receiving some treatment.

OCR Knowledge:  My favorite part about visiting Dr. Buford is she is an OCR World Championships qualified athlete.  This means I don’t have to go through the length process of explaining what OCR is, then explaining what Ultra-OCR is and then explaining that I often make poor life choices doing things even longer for charity.  This caught out a lot of explanation that allowed her to treat me quicker and more effectively since she already understood the demands I place on my body.

Normatec recovery boots available for use at Volition.

Treatments Offered:  Besides the normal adjustments like you would get at any chiropractic, Dr. Buford she is certified in taping, blading/IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization) and cupping.  Plus, she has several higher end priced items in her office to assist with a speedy recovery and enhance mobility including massage guns and NormaTec recovery boots.  This makes it a perfect pre/post-race stop to ensure you perform your bet and recover quickly.  Booking online is super easy and convenient.

Battle of The Lions Announcement:  In early March, the upcoming race series, Battle of the Lions announced a partnership with Volition Chiropractic.  Besides this being awesome to see OCR-related brands supporting each other, the announcement is a unique relationship.  What does this mean?

It means Dr. Burford will be at different events on race day to provide the ELITE athletes with proper care and recovery techniques before and after racing (taping, blading, cupping, muscle massage gun…). THIS MEANS with the cost of an elite registration you will receive care from her in The Lionhearted Elites tent. Not running elite? Don't worry the doc is still available to you for a small fee.


To me, this is a model for future success and further groundbreaking in our sport.  If you have a local series and know a local chiropractor for the race, seeing similar partnerships would be great for OCR and for small business driving clients towards each other that benefits everyone.

What can you do if you aren’t from Kansas City?  There’s actually a lot here’s some suggestions:

  1. If you pass through Kansas City, schedule an appointment with her whether it be while attending Battle of the Lions or one of the nearly half dozen KC Timber Challenge events.
  2. Drop an OCR backed business in the Facebook comments below. Whether you are a chiropractor, physical therapist, gym owner or something else, if you are an OCR athlete with a business that is related to our sport, let us know about it so people can support you.
  3. Make similar connections for your local brands. Not every brand can afford a partnership with Spartan. However, local brands are looking for local clients and tend to be more mutually beneficial.  If you have an OCR backed business and a local series in your area, maybe it is time to make the introduction so we can continue to grow the sport.

RockTape‘s RockBlades. Alex is IASTM/RockBlade certified.

Overall:  You’ll love treatment from an OCR athlete whether you go to Dr. Buford at Volition or end up finding your own local OCR athlete with an office.  I hope you’ll spread the good word and start making your own connections in your own areas so we as a community can continue to thrive.

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