Screenshot of the Rising with the Sun documentary.

What’s the highest rope you’ve ever climbed?  5 meters, maybe 10 meters?  What about trying to climb on 95 meter rope (approximately 285 feet) and trying to set a world record in the first 50 meters?  100m OCR World Champion and Red Bull athlete, South African Thomas Van Tonder recently set out to accomplish this insane feet.

Thankfully for us, Red Bull TV was there to cover the event in depth.  They just released a mini-documentary, around 15 minutes in length, highlighting Thomas’ training and eventual attempt at the task.


If you want more information about Thomas as well as what his mindset was like going into such an event, you can listen to him as a guest on the Strength & Speed podcast.

While there is no doubt COVID hurts the OCR industry and athletes of our sport, there is some good that comes out of it.  One of these things is it freed up athletes like Thomas to attempt something so epic.  I won’t ruin the ending for you but I think you’ll love this mini-documentary.  Give it a watch, send a like over to Thomas’ athlete page and if you want a shot at his title, make sure you come to OCR World Championships in Stratton, Vermont in 2021.

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Pictures provided by Thomas van Tonder

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