After loving Amino Co’s Perform product (read the review here).  I decided to try the other half of the equation with their Heal product.  Perform is more of a pre-workout product and Heal is more of a post-workout product.  Here is what I thought of their recovery product:


Heal has some whey protein concentrate in it but that’s just part of the active ingredients.  It is the amino acids (hence the company name Amino Co) that are doing the bulk of the work here.  Therefore, don’t let the 3g of protein on the nutrition label fool you into thinking you need a ton of scoops to reach your recovery quota.  The brand has already done the leg work for you providing recommendations on the bottle and mixing the ingredients in their patent-pending recovery blend.

Uses:  The name says it all:  Heal.  Heal is a post-workout, post-surgery, or post-injury product used to help you repair tissue.  What I like best about Heal is that it gives you the same recovery benefits as other products at a much lower caloric load.  With only 20 calories per serving, it can help you maintain a lean physique while still being able to perform at your best.


Heal works, period.  Their blend of Branched Chain Amino Acids is effective at building muscle and rebuilding damaged tissue.  Feel free to explore their website for the data or research all of their active ingredients which include whey protein, leucine, creatine, isoleucine, threonine, phenylalanine, histidine, isoleucine, valine, and methionine.  All the ones after whey protein are amino acids, which have been well researched on their effectiveness of physical performance. I'll save you some time on researching all of that one by one they are either essential amino acids (as in your body can’t produce them, you need to consume them) or they are amino acids that are shown to have a positive muscle building/health benefits.


They have a couple of flavors of Heal including Grape, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Sour Apple.  For products that have whey protein in them, chocolate is usually the safest bet.  However, I figured I would try something different, specifically their all-natural Sour Apple flavor.  If they can make an all-natural flavor taste good then the other ones would have to be even better.  I’ve been mixing it with water… because I’m lazy like that and if a product tastes good in water, it will taste good in anything else.

The verdict?  Sour Apple tastes good, not to the point I want to sip on Heal all day but good (like I would be interested in with Perform).  It kind of reminds me of a sour apple-flavored creamsicle ice pop I used to eat when I was a kid.  Overall, I like the Sour Apple and wouldn’t be opposed to getting it again, but I am more interested in trying some of their other flavors, like Grape which is supposed to be their best flavor.  I’ll be exploring these more in a taste test comparison, look for those coming soon on Mud Run Guide.


Heal delivers with a science-backed product that can help you recover whether it is just a normal training session, something more extreme like an Ultra-OCR, or coming off of an injury.  The active ingredients it contains consisting of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) have loads of great data backing up their effectiveness in both clinical trials and empirical data from athletes.  If you are looking for a great post-training product, look no further than Heal.

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